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Sept. LS Event: Worth?
« on: September 07, 2017, 05:24:13 pm »
TL;DR: What’s the state of the server: growing, or failing? Is it worth it to invest in this new event?

Hey all, returning player here wondering what the state of the game is like. I wouldn’t categorize myself as a whale by any means, but I was considering playing the game a lot more and didn’t have much of a problem reasoning myself into investing a little cash to support the game, and even get some good loot for it. But before I do so, I want to know how the server is doing. Given the circumstances, I feel like the game is doing better than ever, but also failing at the same time. What’s there to come?

-Coming back, I’ve read up on several of the events going on. The 10 Vis roulette, the school look event, the equipment support, they’re all great events! … that should have ended *months* ago. Is there a particular reason why these events were allowed to continue? Laziness?

-Several of the items featured on the web shop are being sold at an apparent massive discount. Is it a sales technique to encourage buying into a seemingly good deal, or is it akin to a clearance sale?

-The 10 Vis roulette has definitely encouraged an exorbitant amount of instance raiding, the majority of which can be done solo. Is there any point to joining clans or groups for raids? What is the community like nowadays? It would be nice to find a semi-casual clan to join.

-Given the “News” section of the website, there seems to be nothing to expect but maintenance nowadays. This is nothing new; patches have always come to US servers at slower than a snail’s pace. Is there anything to expect from the future besides the iconic “Soon™”?

Interesting still, much of the problems that I’ve stated also would be good reasons for the server to be growing. As a result, I know I also have personal goals for myself (maybe I can finally get some Greek Cromas!). I’ve had some good luck recently with solo raiding, making some money on the market, enchanting equips decently and creating new ones that I’ve never had access to before due to the massive, massive pay wall and items being super expensive (finally, I can gaze at my own constellation weapons), I feel capable of equipping myself decently in due time to eventually participate in harder raids and trying hard mode for the solo raids, and I even played the lucky shop a little and lucked out getting Queen Sereni.

Now this new event looks a little tantalizing, but I don’t want to throw away income if the server is taking a turn for the worse. What do you all think?

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Re: Sept. LS Event: Worth?
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2017, 09:57:18 pm »
The server is definitely growing at the moment because the current events really help new players. A of the players who come to this server end up staying.

- I have petitioned T3 to make the 10 vis event a permanent feature of the game because it helps new players and boosts the in game economy.

- Those discounts in the item shop have been around for a over a year. A lot of people complained that the pets were too expensive so T3 lowered the prices.

- Nobody really knows when the next patch is coming. The GMs in the game said they expected a patch a few weeks ago but they didn't give a reason for the delay.

- The upside to not patching is a lot of the Toxic players have left to go play on other servers. A certain player (who shall remain nameless) known for PK'ing people in Viron quit so that is good news for a lot of people who like to farm there. Toxic players quitting is also the reason why we no longer have to pay 20% market tax. It is V-T day. Victory over the Trolls.

- It is good to join a clan because you get a lot of buffs to atk and exp. The larger clans have 40 to 50 people on all the time.

The Luck Shop event rewards bonanza is definitely worth the money especially up to getting the triple bonus rewards. If you get 150 Growth stone bonus then it triples so you get an extra 300 Growth stones on top of what you normally get. The Tier 3 reward gives about 15 billion vis worth of extra goodies in addition to triple bonuses. That is a lot of extra bonus they are giving away. You can't beat this deal.

- Play the lucky shop event it is worth it
- Sever is growing and very active
- Toxic trolls are quitting which is good for real players