Author Topic: Lvl 58 family from G1 server returning, looking for faction Castilla Server  (Read 925 times)

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I am an old fogey from the game when it was run by gamersfirst
When it was called sword of the new world & sword 2 lol
I am wanting to return to the game and seeking a faction
I'm on Castilla server, in the us (central time zone)
I have my original lvl. 58 family and gear
Just want to get back into it and have some fun in game again
I want to make some quest progression and raid, help others if I can,
Get new characters for my family, maybe pick up some better gear
I want to be as active as possible (out of work)
Hoping I can meet up with some people who are fun and helpful,
Since it has been quite some time since I last played..
I have missed GE and hope to find a faction that can hopefully help me out
Mature honest person willing to learn the newer stuff,
Though prolly need refreshers on everything hahaha
If anything at least I can be a great meat shield!!! Lol
Please reply here or send me mail in game
(I would just need to quit my old afk faction)
Thanks for the read- take care
IGN: Gutierrez
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Re: Player from G1 server returning, looking for faction
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not sure about their timezone, but try asking The Haunted, they seem to be helping new/returning players a lot.

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you can join Candy Faction, we're always welcome new member, as long you've talk to deputy themself

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lol yea go join candy clan, by the time melo kicked u out, he'll call u a scammer for all those gears that u've made. every thing and anything u've made/crafted it, are his. candy clan dat best!!