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Granado Espada DJ
« on: May 05, 2016, 04:47:20 pm »

So funny xDDD Where can i book this guy?  8)  What the hell does this guy at 4:20? xDD

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Re: Granado Espada DJ
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2016, 07:49:46 pm »

So funny xDDD Where can i book this guy?  8)  What the hell does this guy at 4:20? xDD

OMG you never heard of TaQ?  :o aka Taku Sakakibara aka OutPhase aka DJ TaQ aka DesQ aka エレハモニカ aka Sarastro.

He's even join up with Dj Taka/OutPhase aka (Takayuki Ishikawa) a legend in the DDR/Beatmania IIDX gaming community.

Artist Information

    Name: Taku Sakakibara (榊原琢)
    Full name: Taku Isaac Sakakibara
    Web Site:


Taku Sakakibara (born August 5th, 1975) is one of the biggest names in beatmania IIDX despite his long absence from the series. Friends with both dj TAKA and Osamu Kubota, his music is known for its full sound and more complex rhythms compared to some other beatmania IIDX artists. He stopped composing for beatmania IIDX in 2004 shortly after 10th style to focus on other musical endeavors outside of video game music, some of which are available to listen to on his website listed above. He did, however, provide two pop'n music songs with German lyrics after his departure.

Outside of BEMANI, Taku has provided music for the Korean MMO Granado Espada Rennaisance together with Osamu Kubota, and lately, he has done arrangements for the KINGDOM HEARTS series. He is also owner of the ongaq studio, recording studio used by onoken among other artists.

    TaQ is pronounced "TAH-ku".
    Born in Germany, TaQ is notable for being fluent in German, as shown with his singing in Distress in German, as well as his lyrics for various pop'n music songs in German.
    TaQ and dj TAKA have been friends since middle school.
    TaQ was rumored to be in pop'n music Sunny Park, as his ongaq website notes "pop'n music 21" on the list of music he's worked on. However, no known song of his appears in the final version of the game.


    OutPhase (with Takayuki Ishikawa)
    DesQ (with Osamu Migitera)

You need to listen to his Stromatolite Album on Youtube.

TaQ - Stromatolite

TaQ - Distance

TaQ - LO9663

TaQ/dj TAKA = OutPhase - Marine Snow

TaQ - Blauer Morgengrau (His masterpiece)

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