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Alternatives to SOTNW
« on: April 05, 2017, 01:54:15 pm »
What new games similar to SOTNW are available for play-for-free these days?

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Re: Alternatives to SOTNW
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2017, 11:00:50 pm »
What new games similar to SOTNW are available for play-for-free these days?

There is one that was released in South Korea.  The War of Genesis 4 - Spiral Genesis

The War of Genesis 4 Online: Spiral Genesis is an upcoming fantasy MMORPG featuring over 300 collectible characters to control in a 5-character party system inspired by console RPGs.

Publisher: SOFTMAX Korea
Release Date: TBA
PvP: Battlegrounds
Pros: + Huge character roster. + Hidden character combos. + Card collecting system.
Cons: - No English website. (TBA)

The War of Genesis 4 Online Overview
The War of Genesis 4 Online is an upcoming 3D fantasy MMORPG that is the first MMO in the War of Genesis series, a highly popular Korean JRPG series often lauded as the Final Fantasy of Korea. The game spans the timelines of the previous games with the use of time travel, where players will go back in time to significant conflicts and events in the game series to change the future. Card collection and party formation is at the core of the gameplay, with over 300 cards to collect and summon into combat as characters, many characters unleashing combo attacks when combined with other specific characters. Parties are made up of five characters, which attack your enemies RPG-style, and can be combined with other player's parties in massive groups of players and NPCs up to 80 characters at once.

The War of Genesis 4 Online Key Features:

Console RPG-Inspired Combat – set your party formation and control character attacks individually, similar to the Suikoden series of games.

Over 300 Collectible Characters – draw cards for a variety of characters which can be combined in a party to unleash powerful combo attacks.

Mecha Summons – summon the Machinima or the Grimma armors to aid you in battle with the game's Advent System.

Large-Scale Multiplayer – join a normal party of 4 players controlling 5 characters, or create a raid group that supports up to 80 characters at once.

War of Genesis Universe – enter a game world with a huge amount of lore that comes from the original War of Genesis games, going back in time to prevent conflicts and change the future.

I used to play The War of Genesis 3 - Part One & Part Two before the servers went down back in 2006

Trailer for The War of Genesis IV - Spiral Genesis

The War of Genesis 4 Spiral Genesis (KR) Character Creation + Gameplay
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