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Newbie Problem ! Help me
« on: April 09, 2017, 03:14:46 am »
I've played this game 6 month and I dont know how to get good equip :( i'm so noob ...:'(
Now , I'm still using serpent weap , some constellantion weapons and 2 evil from treece ....
It's hard to me for making good weapon . If i make constellation , i must have rune ... and i  dont have much time to afk to get enough rune to create constellation ... if i create prospe  weapon , i need a lot veteran chip ( I sell 150 vet chip i'll get 45m , another player sell prospe weapon lower than 45m ... )Buying material is so expensive , 1 rune cost 100.000 ~ 300.000 vis , money for buying material to create weapon as much as buying weapon in mm ... what should i do ? If i want to change from constellation ( prospe) to evil , where can i find evil recipe ?
About amor ,  I only owned 2 ELN +6 2DR 1 coat 1 leather :( making ELN is so expensive must have 4000 Shiny and 150 chip vet  ! 4000 cost 40m ~ 50m , 150 chip vet cost 45m !? I think buy it in shop is better way .... but that's not the problem it's about enhancement...  I dont want to lose it , i must use impervium buying from feso shop ! everytime I enhance it , i must buy impervium and enhancement booster ... i have no choice to buy GS ... If i failed , I lost 30m for 1 try... what should i do ? where can i have  impervium and enhancement booster ?
...and how can i earn vis ? My vis  from selling stance  ring (daily 10  days  complete ) , old journal 10 , sometime i pick up  1 mysterious  steel piece , quartz , few of chip ... :(
Thanks for reading noob's post :(
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Re: Newbie Problem ! Help me
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2017, 10:21:18 am »
Well for a 'noob' Lucius, you have quickly grasped the root problem of (build your own) vs (buy already made).  The first one is doable, but you will reach a point (quickly) in the process where success is tied to luck - no matter how many EBs or Imperviums, or Mats you throw in the mix.  Luck in crafting in this game is completely stacked against us, and for the house (the Game).  You've hit the nail on the head. If you do any crafting at all you will FAIL more times (many more times) than you succeed, and it can become a very expensive option.  The other option (buy from MM with stats and levels already there) is doable but it takes TIME and VIS

Crafting our own gives us the option (however slim) of getting a good + and good buffs in a short time but comes with high chance of failure

Buying from MM pre-built - gives us the guarantee of getting what we pay for but can take a lot longer to farm/sell/save up the VIS to get it.

For me, if I really have my eye on a particular weapon or armor - buying it in the MM shop (already plussed up and already with good buffs is best.

The only time I even try to craft is if I end up with a bunch of 32/33 level gears (serpent or constellation) that I got through missions or the Play Time Event, and I go into that understanding I could loose them all - every so often I end up with a good one, but its rare

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Re: Newbie Problem ! Help me
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2017, 01:28:09 pm »
If you don't have money for weapons etc. first of all invest in buffers such as rio, grace and just join others in CT raid or similar raids. Moreover, get your items from playtime event where you can get a free greek croma armor, an evil weapon and a strata weapon ;)
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Re: Newbie Problem ! Help me
« Reply #3 on: April 20, 2017, 12:14:32 am »
thank you so much :D