Author Topic: I don't know why I was banned?  (Read 243 times)

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I don't know why I was banned?
« on: May 03, 2017, 01:46:17 pm »
I was banned on 1:39 game time permanently and I don't know why I was banned but I can still log in on website normally. I sent mail inquiry for the answer.
If I can not unlocked from the worst day like this. I don't play this game anymore ;D.
GE is the best girl character design and I love girl characters in here because they were like my past memories ;D.

My family: Singha-Elliot
Family level: 71+3
Clan: Reconnaissance (Leader)

If I can not removed from my banned I must say farewell to everyone. I don't know why I was banned.
Anyway, I have good retirement at my peak time too. I have own clan, I have a lot of friends from international.
I can study other languages and make a lot of poem from here now I have 500 Stanzas that I have written by my own.
I will return to my hometown and visited my girlfriend who is like Anis and stay on my blood brother mansion peacefully.
You can pm me on my Facebook for advising.

This game is memento to my ex-girlfriend like Gabriela and Valeria by their appearances and beauties. The real were died both in 25th April 2014 from accident.
My family name is from simplified and unified from my surname and my ex-girlfriend surname. Singha = Singhaphan (means = Blood of Lion) - Elliot = Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound (The Noble Surname).
I'm not sad anymore because I have saddened enough and life must go on with my violence. I'm very happy to see good friends in here.
"Anyone who is different from the ordinary is considered crazy and I am happy to be considered so and proud." - Eric Cantona

End of this game at peak time if I cannot go back!! I know everyone hate me and I don't care!!
Farewell everyone!!