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So hows this looking....
« on: July 04, 2017, 06:41:16 pm »
With everyone looking forward to rosa recruitment quest (Which I hear is horrendous anyways), thought about taking a look at the other promos and this time around noticed the dates on Eu forums. Though the dates don't apply to us - does our server have any plans to release info about this as well? (Where only 4 years behind the EU time table lol)

Release Character Name
2012 Oct. Queen of Pioneering, Grandma
  Nov. Sorang
  Dec. Sniper Bernelli
2013 Jan. Cherlyn
  Feb. Valeria Vendetta
  Mar. Spy Olivia
  Apr. Liung/ Friede
  May Rose
  June -
  July Rosa
  Aug. Montoro
  No. Battlefield Claude
  Oct. Selene
  Nov. Rachel
  Dec. Illusion/Snowflake Cherlyn
2014 Jan. -
  Feb. Levin
  Mar. Rachel
  Apr. Cannon Shooter/Cutie Claire
  May Mireille
  June Cecile
  July Blue Flame/Student President Ludin
  Aug. Jane
  No. Jin
  Oct. Loreta
  Nov. Cadet Leonele
  Dec. Elizabeth/Snowflake Montoro
2015 Jan. -
  Feb. Dolores&Loraine
  Mar. Divine Hammer Bryan
  Apr. Bane
  May Silver Flash Lynn
  June Kevin
  July Code Name L
  Aug. Reaper Sariel