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Off Topic / Get $100 for CVS or Walgreens!
« Last post by JhonSoige on Today at 12:45:58 am »
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General Discussion / Re: ASIA ge is closing up,what next?
« Last post by Chicken_Bacon_Ranch on Today at 12:41:07 am »

This is probably one of the main reason why it failed in the first place, seage was the international version but said screw everyone else when they lied to their players and did a complete 540 degree on those who actually bought the game and paid for the subscription, started firing every employee that actually cared about the game, and decided to give rich players from Singapore a special treatment over everyone else such as live auction where they sold end game items and many meetings where they gave a lot of things to people/factions who paid to attend. I believe the only thing that actually kept it going for this long was probably all of the local cafes bot owners and gold sellers that they struck a deal with it.

On release or couple moth afterward, If Granado Espada outside of korea/japan actually held events that reward the players for playing then I believe they would've gotten just as far as Warframe and PoE has gotten by simply selling cosmetics.
General Discussion / Re: Enchanting system - row failures
« Last post by Chicken_Bacon_Ranch on Today at 12:11:36 am »
Recently, I've done some enchanting, 2 strata to +7, both failed, later +7 evil killer to +8, failed, after that elite hestia 35 ar to +7 and guess what - failed, so t3fun you can stick your 50% chance up your **** if u want.

Blame the dev, not the publisher. They're the ones who make actual game changes.

The hypocritical part out of all of this is the special treatment bestowed upon the dev's region compared to others.
Such as how their currency/gpoint ratio is much lower than ours, meaning Asians get more bang for their bucks .
And not to mention that they constantly get a crap load of events and cash shop items where they get a lot of things that does break the game balance which makes a lot of argument about game balance absolutely m00t.
On top of the RNG and hash  mentioned by Novusod. my guess would be that .5 or 50% chance is probably part of a larger number where in order to obtain that complete result of  .5 or 50% chance you will need to enhance a lot of equipment to meet that criteria otherwise the chances will probably be smaller within that range/parameter.

Instead of revolving around lets say 4 out 4 for a chance of having 2 out of these 4 to succeed =50%; the system probably goes around a larger parameter such as 8 and then breaks it down to groups such as 8*.5= 4 where  4*.5*.5 = 1 for a total of 25% chance every 4th enhance for a labeled 50%.
General Discussion / Re: school look event
« Last post by LuuBell on April 29, 2017, 11:14:36 am »
So till when are these events be extended to? caus not really getting updates on the dates/extensions

I want to know this too :/ extended for 1 more week 2 more weeks ir what ? someone knows?
Requests and Suggestions / Re: Pupper master stance
« Last post by Calintz-Jerevinan on April 28, 2017, 02:19:15 pm »
I rarely see anyone using Puppet Master these days.  :(  Then again a change in material requirement would benefit people who want to use her stance.  If that does change I would start using her since most players have +7ed Vigilar Controllers.  That would benefit the use of Puppet Master stance.
Requests and Suggestions / Re: Pupper master stance
« Last post by Castia on April 28, 2017, 07:56:49 am »
Small correction: you get 500 Energy Cores from 1000 Otite + 1 WGB, not 1000.
No one forces you to use Cath. Just keep in mind: Cath surpasses Viki in terms of dps power, but Viki's summons are more tanky.

That aside, yes, it would be cool to reduce the summon requirements as well as the increased summon time. For the drop rate... I think, it's okay as it is. Maybe you need faster kills to increase the drop just from quantity of killed mobs, or the levels of the chars you used to farm them were too high.
Requests and Suggestions / Pupper master stance
« Last post by Rusalky on April 28, 2017, 07:36:17 am »

Puppet master stance uses  Strange Cogwheel, Strange Spring and Strange Clock Equipment. Only place to get these materials at semi decent regular drop is in Torche mansion Annex, drop rate is still pretty low...about 1/10 of Otite. If you afk there all day, you maybe get 100 or each. Cath can summon several dolls and they only last 480 sec and die pretty easy to aoe.  All in all, Puppet master stance now is one of most annoying and expensive stances to use. One component can be bought in MM for 50k now.........

Comparing that to Viki's Trance robo, we see Trance Robo has longer summon times, several ways of getting Energy cores, ,more durable summons and smaller material requirements for summon. You get 1000 energy cores for 1000 Otite + 1 WGB, which means about 10x more summons in Trance Robo than in Puppet master stance.
There are even better ways to make Energy cores from Mustang cores. Drop rate for Mustang cores in Ruina de Memoria is better than drop rate of Strange XXX in Anes. As we can trade 50 Mustang cores + 1WGB for 1000 Energy cores, this  means summoning requirements in Trance robo is about 20x (1000/50) smaller.

All in all, Puppet master summon material requirement really needs to be updated, like Trance robo's was when they introduced Viki's Strange Hut laboratory.

- reduce needed materials for doll summoning (1 type of item or at least only one item used for one doll).
- increase drop rate of summoning materials or/and provide additional ways to gain them.
- increase summon time duration to 600 sec.

Kind Regards,

General Discussion / Re: Can't log in to T3Fun website
« Last post by d3eamon on April 28, 2017, 05:33:31 am »
Sometimes the latest version of Firefox is bugged so you might have to try earlier versions of Firefox.  I normally use Google Chrome now because it doesn't screw up if I try to log in to the T3FUN website.
i dont want them to sell my browsing history tho, in firefox you have full control.
General Discussion / Re: Can't log in to T3Fun website
« Last post by Calintz-Jerevinan on April 27, 2017, 09:49:02 pm »
Sometimes the latest version of Firefox is bugged so you might have to try earlier versions of Firefox.  I normally use Google Chrome now because it doesn't screw up if I try to log in to the T3FUN website.
Marketplace / WTB Cadet Amy
« Last post by New Member on April 27, 2017, 08:23:21 pm »
PM me here.

EDIT: Bought already for 1b. Thank you.
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