Author Topic: [Extended] Hot Summer Costume Party!  (Read 4065 times)

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[Extended] Hot Summer Costume Party!
« on: August 24, 2016, 04:06:19 am »

Before Summer comes to an end, grab this opportunity to dress for the season!

- The event will last for 2 weeks (after MA on August 24th ~ before MA on September 7th).
Updated: Event is extended until September 28, 2016.
- A corresponding quest mail is sent upon entering town areas.
- ‘Claire/Lyn/Nena on Vacation’ NPCs are created at the ‘Outside Bahia’.
- ‘Polyester’ can be exchanged for summer costumes and other rewards.
- ‘Polyester’ is acquired as follows:

[Make sure to talk to 'Claire on Vacation' first, in order to acquire 'Polyester' from missions]

  * The Event Achievement can be accomplished by clicking ‘Cannon Shooter Claire’, ‘Lyn’, and ‘Nena’ NPCs that appear in Channel 1 of Reboldoeux, Coimbra, and Auch.

  * Check the 'Misc' section in the Achievement window (ALT+L) for more details about the Event Achievement.

  **Note: Event attendance achievements are not available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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