Author Topic: Play Time Event - January 23, 2017 to March 15, 2017  (Read 1848 times)

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Play Time Event - January 23, 2017 to March 15, 2017
« on: January 23, 2017, 12:55:48 am »

Added mechanics:

•     Shiny Token – Evil can be exchanged for any Evil weapon, Abyss Scroll (Event) or Witch Craft (Event)

•     Shiny Token – Greek Croma can be exchanged for any Greek Croma armor (Event) or Fate of Castilla (Event)

•     The following accessory items can be obtained by exchanging Highest Grade Magic Accessory Ore and attaining 300 Kielce Merchant Union Favor Rate:

     o      Magical Earring (Event)
     o      Magic Gauntlets (Event)
     o      Magic Leather Gloves (Event)
     o      Magic Gloves (Event)
     o      Crafted Physical RES Necklace (Event)
     o      Crafted Shot RES Necklace (Event)
     o      Crafted Necklace of Resistance to Attribute (Event)
     o      Magic Belt (Event)
     o      Magic Leather Belt (Event)
     o      Magic Metal Belt (Event)
     o      Magic Greaves (Event)
     o      Magic Leather Boots (Event)
     o      Magic Shoes (Event)

     *All items above cannot be traded or discarded. Destruction on Anvil is not possible.
       *All items can be enhanced and enchanted.

•     Combined exchange will be enabled:   
          Shiny Token – Evil + Shiny Token – Greek Croma can be exchanged for (1) +7 Evil weapon of choice, +7 Abyss Scroll (Event) or +7 Witch Craft (Event)

•     All tokens must be intact for combined exchange. This means if a token has been exchanged for an item, it can no longer be used for combined exchange.

•     An exchanged item cannot be traded back to its token/ore form.

•     Request for switching an exchanged item will only be entertained within 24 hours after the item has been first exchanged by Support.
          E.g. Request to change Greek Croma Leather Armor (Event) to Greek Croma Coat (Event)

•     For all item exchanges, please contact Support. Make sure to always include your Account Name.

•     All exchanged items are without enchantments and/or processed sockets.

•     Please make sure your token(s) and/or accessory ore is/are in Inventory. Items in temporary premium storage or Leonardo storage will not be accepted.   

•     Adding screenshots is not necessary when requesting for an exchange.   

•     All event items related to exchange will be deleted at the end of this Play Time event.


Other notes on items:

•     SMS Coupon Box contains a random premium character card (event), Sierra Rose Card (Event), Nena Card (Event), Kielce recruitment character cards (event),
      Combat Manual – Veteran (Event, 7 days), or Tactics Manual – Master (Event, 7 days).

•     Bristia Guild License (7 days) enables acquisition of additional favor rates from completing Kielce daily quests.

•     Shiny Token – Artifact Material can be exchanged for any of the following:

       o    Unwithering Rose Petal
       o    Vampire Heart
       o    Moon Piece
       o    Complex Shaped Part
       o    Complex Device
       o    Devil Heart
       o    Eagle Eyeball
       o    Bullet Shell
       o    Tough Refined Steel
       o    Doll Spring of Oblivion
       o    Screw of Machine Soldier
       o    Magical Rose

        Exchange will still be done manually by Support. Make sure to always include your Account Name.
          If you acquire more than one token, upon exchange, all tokens will be deleted. Please keep this in mind before requesting for an exchange. There will be no restoration/compensation.

•     Jewel Box contains one of the following items:   
       o   Seeds of Rafflesia
       o   Heart of Archangel
       o   Scale of Siren
       o   Pure Gold Bar
       o   White Gold Bar
          One item is randomly acquired upon opening. The item is dropped on the ground so please be cautious.
•     Event Box - Pet Food contains 5 Pet Food

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