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Family Support Token - GM Exchange
« on: March 10, 2017, 12:38:27 am »
Hello Pioneers!

We hope you have been able to enjoy all the gifts that Treece prepared for you this month! We've noticed that you have all been diligently completing raid missions every day to complete the event's daily quests. In fact, a lot of players have been able to receive all phase rewards in less than a week! Good job!

We've also noticed that this meant that players have excess Family Support Tokens left unused. What a waste!
Our GE Team has then decided to offer a one-time token exchange for everyone so your extra tokens can be put to good use.
Character Card Box of Heaven (Event)
1pc = 3,000 Tokens
Limit per account: 3pcs = 7,000 Tokens

Artifact Material Coupon
1pc = 600 Tokens
5pcs = 2,500 Tokens
Limit per account: 10pcs = 4,000 Tokens

Rose Wings (15 days)
Limit per account: 3pcs = 1,000 Tokens

Shiny Token - Pet
1pc = 300 Tokens
Limit per account: 4pcs = 1,000 Tokens

Event Stance Books:
Innocentio / Punisher / Heavy Stinger / Placidez / Creacion
Limit per account: 1pc = 15,000 Tokens
*Each account may choose only one from the 5 available stance books

We may also consider suggestions for more exchanges, so please post them here.

Please make sure that you read the exchange details and conditions first before anything else!

1) 'Limit per account' pertains to the maximum number of exchange you can request for.

2) It is recommended that you exchange in bulk if you wish to save on tokens.
For example, if you repeatedly exchange for 1 Artifact Material Coupon in a course of 10 separate tickets, this will cost you 6,000 Tokens;
however if you exchange for 10 Artifact Material Coupon in one go, you only need to give 4,000 Tokens.

3) As with our previous event exchanges, this will be done by Support team. Please follow the format below:

 Ticket details
 Type your T3Fun Account Name (This is very important!)
 Issue Summary: Family Support Token - GM Exchange
 Issue details:
 Requested item:
 Number of item:


Non-compliance of the given format will have their request automatically rejected.

4) Make sure your Family Support Tokens are in your Inventory. Support will reject the request if the tokens are in your Leonardo Storage.

5) As with our previous event exchanges, all tokens will be deleted during the exchange.
If you have excess tokens you wish to keep, please store them in your Leonardo Storage. Deleted tokens will not be restored.

6) This one-time token exchange will end on April 4, 2017, 00:00 (game time).

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