Author Topic: Warning about upcoming Windows 10 update..  (Read 225 times)

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Warning about upcoming Windows 10 update..
« on: March 28, 2017, 03:48:59 pm »
Just to be clear, if you have any issues then post here.
Any other non-issue posts will be removed.

Just a gentle reminder that the next BIG update for Windows 10 hits on April 2017

Windows 10 updates can be delayed, or uninstalled, but only for a week. THAT is 7 days, the window of time you have to respond to any compatibility problem.

Reverting to a previous Windows version means letting my PC without important security/stability updates, which I value more that this game or any other, I dont care what other retards say about using XP/Vista/7 on their toaster.

So if you actually want to keep milking players with YOUR dying game, better prepare beforehand for another Xtrap-apocalypse or you will lose what is left of your player base.

50% of the PC players of the world already use Windows 10 (32bit + 64bit)  (source)

EDIT: Also a reminder that the launcher STILL uses Adobe Flash (for no good reason), FOR GODS SAKE, it's 2017! All major web browsers already DISABLE flash for security reasons, and they will BLOCK it on 2017, which means, there is NO REASON to have Flash installed on new PC's, its just a matter of time until Adobe drops the support as well. REMOVE FLASH ON THE LAUNCHER!

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