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I miss this game
« on: August 09, 2017, 07:19:01 pm »
Circumstances and Questions
I want to come back but not sure how to begin again
Played on the new server, think it was Orphesia or something.  It had a fairly dominant Russian community that migrated there.  But then ragequit after opening lyndon boxes about a month or two after Bristia  (no AR35+ weapon, or that huge rifle for kielce =.=).   I can't seem to find it anymore, assuming it merged. 
How are Feso stones worth cuz that's what I got a ton of from that lottery.  Hoping I have enough to sell and get something decent.
How are Montoro bosses and the likes?  Was just getting shown the ropes around there with a smaller and new community.  Was wondering if i'll get any Strata if its so hard.
Are the bots still pretty dominant in the game?
Is JD still the best DPS or one of the best up there?  I remember trying to get good weapons for him. 
Grandies still the best for PvP?  I only have the greatsword stance, no luck getting soul bringer through Lyndon box back then, and guild couldn't beat Montoro raid that time yet.
What's the meta right now?
Is Jack and his constructions still best for powerleveling characters?  I was thinking Kielce was awesome back then with the high dmg.
Is there any storybook or something that track back the stories we completed?  Usually skip them all back in the past, but now kinda want to read into the lores/stories and get the feel of nostalgia.  I miss the music, I miss the Catherine piece farming, the guild pvp back in the SGE beta days and there's probably a lot of memories I forget, want to watch them again.
What worries me the most is I see SGE shutdown awhile ago, the NA and EU might soon too?  Wondering if the "other" server is better in the long run.

Lastly, is there any known friendly active guild that take in new players or old newbies? I would like to be shown the ropes again and probably ask ton of questions.  You can say my experience has been SGE Beta, then quit because p2p, then start new game on new server up to family lv 52+ up until past 1-2 month of Bristia.  And now looking to continue again.

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Re: I miss this game
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2017, 01:18:11 am »
Sever population is quite high these days. Easy to find raids all the time now.

Most raiders have moved past Montoro raid at this point. The raid everyone does now is Clock Tower Basement.

There are characters that do 10 times the DPS of JD now. Best DPS is Aclla and Joshua.

Best PvP for a while has been Code Name L (CNL).

Some older characters that used to be Lucky shop are now Free recruit such as Cherlyn and Valeria Vendetta.