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News / Ruffino's Magical Pet Food Compensation offer
« Last post by Ewelli on January 18, 2018, 11:15:03 pm »
Due to a few identified issues wherein select premium pets become unresponsive while Ruffino's Magical Pet Food is active,
we have decided to offer the following item exchange to compensate for our players' inconvenience.

90-day version will be eligible for exchange for 10,000 Pet Food
30-day version will be eligible for exchange for 3,300 Pet Food

We would like to assure the community that the item issue has been reported to IMC for appropriate bug fix.
However due to uncertainty of when the hotfix will be deployed, we are giving our players the option to replace the item now. This compensation offer will expire once the item issue is patched.


  • In order to exchange for regular pet food, the Magical Pet Food item must be in the account inventory.
  • Expired Magical Pet Food items are no longer eligible for item exchange.
  • Activated Magical Pet Food can still be exchanged. There will be no penalty regardless of remaining item duration.
  • Any requests to exchange normal Pet Food into Magical Pet Food will not be entertained.
  • All exchanges will be processed by our Support Team. Please make sure to include your correct Account Name.
General Discussion / Re: What happened to Lead Manager Rachel?
« Last post by Blancfaust on January 18, 2018, 12:49:29 am »
I don't know about Lead Manager but Student Council is here. xD
Events / [Lucky Shop] Student President BFFs
« Last post by Ewelli on January 17, 2018, 09:45:25 pm »
Accumulate $250-worth of Lucky Shop play purchases from January 18 to January 25 and receive
[Student Council President Rachel Card] and [Student President Ludin Card]!

  • If the total purchased plays amount to less than indicated (i.e. less than 250,000 TCoins), no item will be given.
  • [Student Council President Rachel Card] and [Student President Ludin Card] will be sent to qualified accounts on January 29, 2018.
  • Each account may only receive each of the two character cards once, for this promo.
  • Promo period is from 00:00 Jan. 18 to 23:59 Jan. 25
Events / [Lucky Shop] Gifts from Student Council President Rachel
« Last post by Ewelli on January 17, 2018, 09:44:31 pm »
Purchase from Student Council President Rachel's Lucky Shop package and receive extra items!

25 purchases = Battle Support Box x1
50 purchases = Strata Devil Weapon Merchant Summon Stone x1
75 purchases = Childhood Chums x1
125 purchases = Character Card Box of Heaven (Event) x1
185 purchases = Event Socket Processing Tranquillizer x120
200 purchases = Abyss Pistol Costume (30 days, ATK to monsters +10%) x1
300 purchases = Dazzling Spodumene - Rumin x1


What does the term 'purchases' mean?
This basically refers to your 'Plays' in Lucky Shop. Clicking 'Play x10' is equal to 10 purchases.

If I purchase 600 plays, do I get twice of everything in total?
No. You may only receive the reward items once.

How do I know if I've made enough purchases already or not?
Unfortunately, there is no event counter for this promo. Players will have to keep track of their own purchases.

What's inside the Battle Support Box?
It contains one of the following items:
[Heavy Stinger] Stance Book
[Punisher] Stance Book
[Innocentio] Stance Book
[Soulbringer] Stance Book
Recipe - IBR-620 Large Caliber Rifle
Pet Box (Noble Popo, Red Popo, Acorchado, Black Dragon, Black Tiger, Yellow Tiger, Red Tiger, White Tiger, Capybara, Phobitan, or Cockatrice)
Angel Weapon Costume
Time Ore
Principal Potion x10
Enhancement Ampule (1MCC) x10
Enhanced Liquor of Steroid x10

What is 'Childhood Chums'?
This is a limited edition medal!
For all characters, it provides the following stats: ATK +3%, All Status +1
When worn by Rachel, Ludin, Lady Rachel, Blue Flame Ludin, Student President Ludin and Student Council President Rachel, it provides additional abilities: Penetration +5, Casting Time -2%

What character can I obtain from the Character Card Box of Heaven (Event)?
You can obtain an event character card of one of the following:
Selene, Rachel, Illusion, Levine, Cannon Shooter Claire, Mireille, Cecile, Blue Flame Ludin, Jane, Jin, Loretta, Cadet Leonele, Elizabeth, Dolores, Lorraine,
Divine Hammer Brianne, Bane, Silver Flash Lyn, Kevin, Code Name L, Grim Reaper Sariel, Empyreum Judith, Risky, Cadet Amy, Juliana, Archon Dietrich, Vanessa,
Jaina, Bloody Navy Cano, Aclla, Banshee Natalie, Daisy, Becky, Kei, Snowflake Berthe and Charles, Scarlett, Ciel, Hermes, Queen Sereni Joshua, Scavenger Diego

1. To qualify for this promo, purchases must be made from Student Council President Rachel package only.
2. Only purchases from January 18 to January 25 (00:00, server) are valid for this promo.
3. Reward items will be sent to qualified accounts starting January 26, 2018.
4. Feel free to contact Support for any clarifications regarding this promo.
General Discussion / Re: So why Monty?
« Last post by huamburushu on January 17, 2018, 02:28:53 pm »
Well, Monty seems to be a useful char for dailies - I noticed people running around with 2 Monties even, permanently surrounded by bats. Looks like he's the new Viki or Summoner Cath. There were quite a few people were broading they would like to buy Monty, so I was not surprised when he has won.
Requests and Suggestions / Re: Delete Item option
« Last post by firebush on January 17, 2018, 07:53:01 am »
I have oft wondered that myself.  "Item can not be sold "traded" or discarded", but other than selected items at selected anvils, or heart of ravin, why isn't there a fourth option?  "DESTROYED".  Why is there not a Furnace option where anything and everything could be tossed (including event stuff) that no longer serves any purpose, and seemingly has no other way to get rid of it?
Requests and Suggestions / Delete Item option
« Last post by LucifersDignity on January 17, 2018, 03:27:24 am »
Greetings , i think this has been told many times by plenty of people but .... :D
Anyways here we go , can you please a delete item option cause personally i have slots occupied in inventory and leonardo from items such spirit coins some other random starter kits even i have fire gate keys which in old days used to open the FG raid which nowdays they have no use ?
Not to mention that there should be found a way to auto delete those unused quest obtain/loot/etc items since their event period is over.
Ofc most ppl say throw them to ravin or open a ticket etc but seriously guys we dont have to bother imc stuff for such things , they have more important things to do than those :D
Give us this option as well to make our lifes easier :D
Thank you in advance.
General Discussion / Re: Story books
« Last post by latorre on January 16, 2018, 09:53:22 pm »
thank you very very much
Technical Issues / Game stops when i want to change a character in barracks
« Last post by made64 on January 16, 2018, 06:03:23 pm »
When i login and arrive in the Barracks the game is stopping when i want to change to another slot to use another character.
Who can help me??
General Discussion / Re: Story books
« Last post by Visenya on January 15, 2018, 06:09:57 pm »
What TPAM said. Here's a screenshot by Ashardalon

Source: Recruit Achievement Character
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