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[Fanfic] - Dissonance from the Damned
« on: February 16, 2014, 11:14:11 am »

"This is a fanfic novel. some information are fictional and are not related to the overall story of the game." - Arkadel.

Chapter I - Zero Hour

 Even before we were born the world was seen immersed in the flames of corruption. The elder gods of the constellations, said the trigger of all this was that the greatest sin of existence was committed recklessly - The Vortex of Time.

 Our ultimate source of absolute power enjoyed by us humans to escape from an world, old and too damaged to regenerate, was the Vortex of Time. Precisely in the fourteenth century, the world has become different from what it was to be under normal circumstances, and the first families were born with superhuman powers. The largest of them were royal families and then the noble families.

 In the early seventeenth century, a country called Orpesia disputed world domination with another country called Bristia, and in the midst of it all, a traveler noble sought a route to be able to practice your trade and take out your country Oporuto of impending misery. Bold Ferruccio Espada however, found a new world, a vast and rich continent, however, dominated by demons and magic.

 Amid the Baleares Naval Battle, Bristia was cut and dominated by Vespanolan fleets, who used a strange source of power acquired somewhere. In celebration, Vespanola and Oporuto became one country after a big royal wedding, but only Vespanolan Queen had the power.

 Attention then turned to Granado Espada, the mysterious new continent. And so the first families exploiting, the "Pioneers", were sent there, while Ten powerful Nobles of Vespanola, the champions of war began to secure the new lands to the Queen.

  Three of the first pioneer families were created by young adventurers without blood ties , were Muniz, the Cayenne and Haggard. All of them were created by members of other families , such as Furuhollen and Bittencourt. These youngsters were big dreamers and had a spirit of fire to great adventures, build a name.

   Until there was a disaster.

  The Muniz were known as a family of explorers of the dungeons, were like brothers. Even very young have started to raise a family and build a legacy in the new world. Were inexperienced, but fervent in their beliefs and dreams. But convictions and dreams do not bear the luck, and when fortune turns his back as if confronted is the heavy hand of a cold and unforgiving god.

  'Tetra', some might say that was the name of a triad of gods who ordered the construction of a massive temple in his honor, and that something bad would happen if your domains were desecrated by Curious. What was the case, Muniz faced the walls of the temple in search of a great treasure given a long time ago as an offering to the ancient gods.

  However the place was already crawling with a sixth under infernal circle called 'Sigmund' demons. The Muniz could escape the horde of unholy creatures, but that's when everything collapsed, burying them mortally. No one survived...

This day was known as The 3rd April’ Incident.

- Wow, that was really bad!

- Uh-huh, there's more. It says that three of them returned from hell and began to haunt the continent. Brr !

- Ay~ Fear!

- Rsrs... Claire 's face it , today is a very common practice for writers put some truthful to increase the credibility of his horror stories, the battle of the Balearis event is an example. But now... time travel ? I think it really traveled a bit in that part , and it was not time travel, was in the ideas...

- What is the name of this book?

- Hmm, Nightshade, is part of the encyclopedia that my father always forbade me to read when I was younger, the Encyclopedia of Constellations, said that it was necessary 'veeery' maturity. Was found by a member of our family in Viron. I'm more interested in another encyclopedia book, Occult Magic Stance.

- Aya! Know it!

- I'm an elementalist , though. What's more, I want to write my own book, I want to be a writer full time. I need good references ... right?

- Hay!

- Well, I need to finish getting ready, I got to see a person .

- Maybe your boyfriend! You're Dating~!

- Stop it . It is now my fiance, of course I 'll see it. I want to see the new ring he bought me. He did not call me to see the setting of the sun for anything, it sure is a ring .

- Um, right. I 'm going to enjoy the setting sun in the streets! Maybe I'll stop at the Sea Elephant Cafe, I do not even had breakfast yet ...~ Speaking of which, Anabelle is not back yet, spent the night out, is she okay?

- Yes! She is. She and Dad are very similar at this point, love hanging out without giving notice, when they fill my ears with their stories. She probably got some work.


  Was a beautiful sunset of Sunday, the setting of the sun in this day here in Port of Coimbra is a bit different from the other ports. He is slow and long, as if seeking to be seen by all kinds of people, until the late. This event lasts for more than an hour and is a real relief in such a cold place.

  Anabelle Arkadel spent the night out of town, away from his comfortable life with down pillows and beds adorned. She just took off with his rapier and pistol and decided to venture by the sea.

- I did not like this, i did not go on board a ship full of smelly men and drunkards, burping and talking nonsense, just to earn those measly Vis. Ceases to be cow’ hands! - Unsatisfied. - Propose me a better payment to the next.

- Look, Anabelle, I know your family has a reputation and...

- Reputation means nothing! I am a professional, that's all. Think about it, or I 'm out. - She looked back and back with a certain coldness in his eyes. - By the way , I also want a good rum, not those third from your cellar.

- Did you wiped everything!?!

 Walking, ignoring the fact that his client be terrified by the injury that took size. The shadow of the great inns stained their Caucasian skin of a gray tone as she walked biting his nails of his thumb.

- Good morning, miss. - Spent a master of elegant attire mainly brownish leather, removing his hat in reverence the girl.

- Good morning. - Said she still with an angry expression, focusing the her ears to the silence. A silence that worried her.


- 'Her beauty in the sunlight, is like that of a goddess under the Earth'...

- Hohoho... I 've heard that before.

- So hear this, dear ...

- Stop it, Vicente. Rise of there! Arise!

- Oh.. - The blue-haired boy raised his eyes with a surprised expression on his pale eyes to the woman he loved. - Fyona, so you will cut my inspiration, it was a bit rude...

- Rude or not, raises already there! A man his size... Staying with sore knees, or worse... in the column! I do not want my future husband to suffer the consequences of trying to explore a territory already conquered.

- That was... very sweet . - Vicente Rio rose even more surprised. - You'd better music than I 'll ever be!

- You transform your life into poetry, is not it, love? That's why it delights me so much.

- Hmm.. - He walked a few steps forward. - I have something to tell you, Fyona...

- No need to worry, you forgot to buy the ring on the eve of our wedding, but need not worry, I'll kill you later.

- This definitely... ! It was very rude.

- I trust you, is not what concerns me today. - Fyona gave back and leaned on the railing of the porch of the mansion. - My father, he did not show up today, Anabelle is already in town, but Dad... I have not heard from him... He does not write more... I do not believe he will fail to see the very daughter getting married...!

- On second thought... - Vicente stared at the ground and started scratching your hair. - He never accepted me as his son, he always said he prefered something better than me to your daughter.

- Stop it, this is not your fault! This has nothing to do, is not the least bit noble blame someone for their choices! - She looked angry for her boyfriend. - Parents should not always be supporting and encouraging? Huh?

  Vicente Rio laughed in a caring and sympathetic manner, and this further increased the anger of his bride.

- Why are you laughing?

- I understand you. Your feelings is a science to me, of which I am humbly focused on having the most complete discipline, because their feelings are very pure and I feel honored to soak in his mysterious ocean.

- Vicente Rio, what are you talking about?

  Rio looked at the sun, blocking with the back of his hand his face, making a shadow.

- You are not angry with your father, is worried. Your parent is responsible, my flower... He is well, somewhere...

   That man somewhere watched the sky too.

   The breeze moved the plants, such as leaves of trees. The silence was a blessing in that place moved by great battles, a small loophole for days of torment, a voice crying silently inside. We can not understand the extent of her voice.

- Running away is not the answer, Zanyr Arkadel. Nothing more can be done. Go see their daughters and stop being a coward. May be the most dreaded day of your life, but it's time... the most awaited for her youngest daughter.

- I know.

- Hahaha, you're shaking your legs right there now, is not it? I'll tell you, even though I have no children, let alone a child. It really is so awesome to think of the day when they can walk on their own feet?

- Do not make a joke of this, Sharif, you are one of the few who knows what I 'm thinking right now. For the sake of our friendship...

- Just trying to cheer you up, despite... The embedded message is... Nothing more can be done. Fyona gonna marry that boy.

- Not if I can help, if I can not break into that church with five well-armed men.

- Hrm. This is all in the past. It's time to think about the present and future of this family, or it will shatter. That's what his wife wanted?

- No.

- Then is done, you will get dressed, grab a ship, take your daughter to the altar and will even shake hands with Vicente Rio.

Meanwhile, in Coimbra...


-What the hell is this!? Call the guards! Report to the Office of Support to Pioneers!!

  Elsewhere... Swallows sang in the branches of a beautiful ash tree beside a beautiful beachfront mansion harbor. Intuitively we could feel that even out, that peaceful and serene atmosphere, it was actually a cover for what is happening in the heart of the interior of the mansion, a meeting full of earnest faces of bourgeois men who run the port.

  The sunlight that entered through the large windows that partially lit the meeting hall, this hall whose walls were decorated with paintings and statues luxurious e medieval armors.

  At the center of that room had a large table with five feet long, where the chairs of crimson and golden frames around the rear seats held for old men.

- We have Allecsav Family... They are great researchers... The Office Support the Pioneers can handle the defenses of the harbor while they investigate.

- Allecsav Family was dismembered for Katovic Snowfield not arrive in time. - He answered the fat man on the end table. - We will call Arkadel Family. Say there will be a wedding, everyone will be here in a couple of days in port.

- Nunez. Do you trust Zanyr Arkadel? He has failed a few times.

- Yes, but we have no better options left us. Put a letter with the hair for the crow. Should reach him. Let his daughters out, it will not accept the mission if the matter is not discussed with him personally.

- Okay.

  The streets of Coimbra began to be crowded, people were restless with the news that came from Nimrod Bridge, a bridge today reinforced the highest rank of Cite de Reboldoeux guards, state ally of Coimbra. No one came out and no one leave, except only very select people. Coimbra was under the threat of a massive attack of creatures.

  But the strange thing is, they are waiting for the right time to attack, as if they were organized, waiting for the right moment or the moment that guards the harbor around to making defense readiness. Demons took the land and seemed to undermine the waters around and below the immense Nimrod Bridge.

- The tower of the Church stopped working. As you well know, the bell of the Church is entwined by magical vines enchanted by small fragments of Otite. The bell rings alone, was hence arose the term 'Phantom Bell of Coimbra'. If someone touches it , will be a common sound as any bell, but alone... by the Otite... the bell emits a sound produced to ward off the creatures of this place.

- Why did you call us?

  Nunez stopped to think about how to refine your words , seeing that the pioneers were quite specific .

- I do not know if these creatures came from Jezebel Glenn or Tetra Hill, but the truth is waiting to invade a certain moment this port. As you well know, there is something hidden here that neither I, the mayor of Coimbra, know what it is. That's why a long time the late Dr Lorenzo Guliano built the bell. Investigate the cause of the bell has stopped ringing, meanwhile, the port will be in martial law and protect the craft Nimrod bridge.

- How many monsters? - A woman asked.

- Thousands. But no need to worry about it, the aim of you is another. License to kill any traitor who might be involved.

- If you were praying to God for a storm to prevent the marriage of your daughter, is there, man. - Najib Sharif said. - No longer need to join an army to quell the anger of Fyona if you could kidnap her.

- The Church bell... It was always a pain in the [censored] to listen to, but it is necessary for these people. - Zanyr said.

- Yeah, you changed nothing.

- Calyce.

- Yes, sir! - A woman answered, with short black hair and a repeating crossbow stuck back.

- Run up the rented mansion of family, I know what my kids are doing. I'm sure that... Anabelle will not honor any martial law.

- You no longer need to bother. - Anabelle said already climbing the stairs towards them. - Yes, I have an iron audition. Father, where were all these days?

- Bahama Swamp Area.

- This came in handy, at least you can shake hands with Rio without having to bend over. But Fyona still mad at you.

- Fyona is the least of my problems now, and under martial law, she will not marry.

- I already have my suspicions on the cause of it all. - Calyce said.

- And what is it? - Zanyr looked for she to ask.

- A source of very old problems. Vortex of Time.

- Vortex of...? - Anabelle inquired in surprise. - What is it?

- Maybe I should really take a look at the rented mansion.

  Meanwhile, in the mansion.

  Two people ran through the corridors, past the large windows as the sun falls behind the hills. Fyona and little Claire looked away from something, one of the components of something designed in the shadow of the hall. A Lesser demon from Tetra Catacombs.

- My God! I need to alert the town! Are invading slowly ... for the inside!

- How?

- There is a weakness in this town... a sin.

- A sinner in the city? - Claire seemed not believe what was happening at the time.

- Here. Takes the guard room. I need to do something in the dance room. - Fyona raised his hand and wiggled his index and middle fingers.

- Fyona!

- Go on!

  Claire quickly down the stairs, with her eyes closed, just watching with his hand to touch the staircase under the mullion. Heard the throaty roar and haunting agony of a demon.

- What is happening? - Screamed Fyona in the great dance room, adorned in gold. - You promised! You promised that we would never face this destiny! Tell me about it, mother!

Chapter I - Zero Hour
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Re: [Fanfic] - Dissonance from the Damned
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"This is a fanfic novel. some information are fictional and are not related to the overall story of the game." - Arkadel.

Well this is not a fanfic section c:!

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Re: [Fanfic] - Dissonance from the Damned
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Where is the fanfic session?
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Re: [Fanfic] - Dissonance from the Damned
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Where is the fanfic session?

It's ok now - think someone moved it in here.

Impressed with the work you put into making such stories.

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Re: [Fanfic] - Dissonance from the Damned
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Thanks for that. I'll write more :)
Always missed good novels based on this game. I will strive.
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Re: [Fanfic] - Dissonance from the Damned
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Our ultimate source of absolute power enjoyed by us humans to escape from an world, old and too damaged to regenerate, was the Vortex of Time. Precisely in the fourteenth century, the world has become different from what it was to be under normal circumstances, and the first families were born with superhuman powers. The largest of them were royal families and then the noble families.

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Re: [Fanfic] - Dissonance from the Damned
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Too much to read @@
although i havent read but i gotta say this

Good effort ^^