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[Lucky Shop] Diego's Trophy
« on: October 18, 2017, 04:42:43 am »
Purchase from Scavenger Diego's Lucky Shop package and receive extra items!

20 purchases = Evil Weapon Merchant Summon Stone x1
30 purchases = Crystal Wings - 15 days x3
50 purchases = Dazzling Obsidian - Rumin x2
100 purchases = Character Card Box of Heaven (Event) x1
150 purchases = Event Socket Processing Tranquillizer x200
200 purchases = Dazzling Spodumene - Rumin x1


What does the term 'purchases' mean?
This basically refers to your 'Plays' in Lucky Shop. Clicking 'Play x10' is equal to 10 purchases.

If I purchase 400 plays, do I get twice of everything in total?
No. You may only receive the reward items once.

How do I know if I've made enough purchases already or not?
Unfortunately, there is no event counter for this promo. Players will have to keep track of their own purchases, which is not really difficult.  :)

What are the contents of the Character Card Box of Heaven (Event)?
You can view the complete list in Info Center (Ctrl+M) in-game.
Click on the 'Item' tab and use the search function.

1. To qualify for this promo, purchases must be made from Scavenger Diego package only.
2. Only purchases from October 18 to October 25 (00:00, server) are valid for this promo.
3. Reward items will be sent to qualified accounts starting October 26, 2017.
4. Feel free to contact Support for any clarifications regarding this promo.

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