Author Topic: Play Time Event - July 6 to August 31, 2016  (Read 4292 times)

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Play Time Event - July 6 to August 31, 2016
« on: July 06, 2016, 05:12:01 am »

Added mechanics:

·         Shiny Token – Evil can be exchanged for any Evil weapon, Abyss Scroll (Event) or Witch Craft (Event)

·         Shiny Token – Greek Croma can be exchanged for any Greek Croma armor (Event) or Fate of Castilla (Event)

·         Cursed Weapon Costume Ticket (Event) can be exchanged for any event costume version of Cursed weapon series:
             Great Sword
             Special/Elemental bracelet

·         Combined exchange will be enabled:
          o    Shiny Token – Evil + Shiny Token – Greek Croma can be exchanged for (1) +7 Evil weapon of choice, +7 Abyss Scroll (Event) or +7 Witch Craft (Event)

·         All tokens must be intact for combined exchange. This means if the token has been exchanged for an item, it can no longer be used for combined exchange.

·         Only the Shiny Token – Greek Croma and Shiny Token – Evil acquired from the current Play Time (July 6 to August 31, 2016) can be used for combined exchange.
          Any other items acquired prior to this Play Time or from other means/source will not be eligible for combined exchange.

·         All weapons awarded are without enchantments or processed sockets.

·         For all item exchanges, please contact Support.
Make sure to include your Account ID and Family Name.


Other notes on items:

·         Vial of Alchemist is a Veteran-level event artifact item. Effect: ATK +5% toward Undead and Lifeless monsters.

·         Leticia Feso Gift Box is stored in Premium Inventory (Ctrl+F).
          Upon opening, 2 Moon Stone and one of the following items (random) are inserted directly to Inventory:
             500 Growth Stone
             100 Growth Stone
             1 Character Card Box of Heaven
             1 Time Ore Box
             1 Prospe Recipe Box
             1 Combat Manual - Veteran (7 Days)
             1 Field Manual - Veteran (7 Days)
             1 Enhanced Liquor of Steroid
             1 Total Status Ampule
             1 Family Summon Scroll
             1 Enhanced Potion of Steroid
             1 Triumph Potion
             10 Moon Stone
             5 Moon Stone
             3 Moon Stone
             1 Moon Stone

·         Great Rumin Box provides one random great rumin. Rumin is directly inserted to Inventory.

·         Evil Weapon Box (34AR) and Jewel Weapon Box (33 AR) each provide one random weapon of their respective series. Acquisition is roulette-based.

·         Ring Box (for event) is not tradeable; however the random ring obtained is a normal item. Ring item is dropped on the ground.

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