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General Discussion / Re: New Character: Eileen
« Last post by gwendaal on October 15, 2017, 06:15:03 pm »
Btw just wondering but the summer costumes 2s? or 3s by any chance :S
Probably 3s since cs
General Discussion / Re: New Character: Eileen
« Last post by WonderLand on October 14, 2017, 04:01:51 pm »
Btw just wondering but the summer costumes 2s? or 3s by any chance :S
General Discussion / Crystal Hogger event question
« Last post by WonderLand on October 14, 2017, 03:48:23 pm »
In regards to the tyrant/vigilar boxes what not- does that mean u get a random weapon? and are those weapons +0 or +7?
General Discussion / Re: New Character: Eileen
« Last post by Novusod on October 13, 2017, 10:21:46 pm »
While we wait we can enjoy these Duck, Octopus, and Shark weapon costumes.

General Discussion / Re: Multi Client Issue
« Last post by Adonai on October 13, 2017, 10:12:38 pm »

Yes multi client ruins the game experience but it only really affects the serious cases where people bring many alts. GM's have said that there is nothing wrong with playing alts on more than one PC and thus it will do nothing for your alt buffer issues. I honestly hate alt buffing and I am a culprit of that myself. Buffs need to be family only so it's impossible to alt buff otherwise nothing will change. Sorry that would make some raids more difficult but every raid is within grasp even without alt buffs my dudes. I have more than 2 PC's but generally only use my laptop and 1 desktop so alt buffing isn't an issue and according to GM is perfectly legit. So as long as my enemies alt buff I'll take that route too but its sad that to get a decent experience fighting them that's what you do. This game is crazy unbalanced to the point I think IMC expects you to buff with an alt. The people using 8+ alts to make money is a big deal though and this is in fact to multi client (vmware also outlawed by GM already). There's no enforcing it with these GM's tho it's been posted between Evo and Candy all over the forums tons of screens showing 8+ alts laying dead in En Celar red because they are in squad with said person who is the only person on map at war. What more proof is there? If squading with 8 people dead in a pile isn't warrant for enforcement I don't know what is. Other games ban with a lot less evidence. 100% I'm sure these people eventually trade back to their mains because they are too lazy to exchange via marketplace their funds. GM's most likely don't enforce it because they don't want the game to be completely dead. Updating xtrap wont do anything for multi clients and especially vmware. Multi's get updated and Vmware can be set up so the system doesn't know its a VM.

What incredible nonsense in the sentence thats marked red. Did you ever THINK of doing CTB without Rio, Rosa, Grace/Leona or Karja (which are commonly played by lesser geared people that dont have strong enough gears to play other chars there, not necessarily just alts)? Next, you allow buffing ET buffs to family only since they also make people stronger? If this would become reality, CTB runs would be non-existant except for those that have spent tons of money to overgear themselves. And it would cut a main supply of red chips, which would make the whole crap even more difficult in the end.
Think before you post, please.

I agree that alt buffs in pvp are annoying and they should be dealt with, but rushing things or panicking never helped. If more GMs would monitor whats going on, it would lead to a more fair GE environment. Without that, it will be difficult to change anything, I might fear.

What nonsense is that you couldn't realize that CTB is instanced based and an easy workaround. I'm mostly concerned about PvP and this is in the open world where alt buffing is a real issue. Also, I don't see the issue even adding ET to the list of restricting buffs outside of your family. But there can be easy workarounds to whats "ok" and whats not. Like come on, was I listing the exact blueprint they need to follow? F*** no because they wouldn't read it and even if they did they won't consider it.

Just because you're pissed about people abusing the system in pvp, this doesnt mean you should just generalize all this stuff. Especially the MCC1 raids need buffers, and if they are family only, its getting much more tough to near impossible for the average/good equipped people.
Again. The issues you brought up are only drawn to instanced based systems so yeah I have thought about it and maybe it's you who should think before making a fool of yourself. You jumped to conclusions that it has to be applied in every aspect of the game and we have to rid the possibility of friendly buffs throughout the coding. How the f*** did you conclude all of that?

General Discussion / Re: New Character: Eileen
« Last post by darky1818 on October 13, 2017, 05:52:54 pm »
I'm so tired of female characters U______U
ZzzzZz keep trying IMC
General Discussion / New Character: Eileen
« Last post by Novusod on October 13, 2017, 03:12:48 pm »
Symphonia: Final Episode

New Accessory: Star Earings
Give +1AR/DR, 10000 hp, 1000 sp, 15 penetration, 5 immunity, +10 to all stats (Max enhancement +10)
Can be broken while enhancing.

*Coming 2018
Events / Santo De Blanc - Elisa, Laura
« Last post by Ewelli on October 13, 2017, 02:30:44 am »
As requested, here are Elisa and Laura equipped with their Santo De Blanc Costumes (since the items are not yet added in Dress Room). The costume can also be used by Cadet Elisa.

Events / Lucky Shop Rewards Bonanza (October 2017)
« Last post by Ewelli on October 13, 2017, 01:12:48 am »


o   All purchases must be made through Lucky Shop plays only.
o   Only valid play purchases from October 13, 2017 03:00 until October 18, 2017 00:00 (Game Time) will be counted for this limited promotion.

o   Qualification for each tier is based on the total worth of your Lucky Shop plays. If your purchased plays amount to less than indicated, you will not qualify for the relevant tier.
     For example: To reach Tier 1, you must click the [Play x10] button 11 times, or
                         click the [Play x10] button 10 times plus click [Play Now!!] button 9 times.

     Note: Play x10 = 4600 TCoins. Clicking this 10 times will only amount to $46, hence you will not qualify for Tier 1

o   Tier rewards are accumulated.
     For example: GM Corax buys $250 worth of Tcoins and uses up all in Lucky Shop plays
                          GM Corax will receive Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 rewards

o   Rewards are only given once per account.
o   Purchases in Web Shop or ingame Cash Shop will not be considered.
o   All rewards will be sent to qualified accounts by October 19, 2017.

o   Accounts that qualified for Tier 1, Tier 4 and/or Tier 5 rewards must send their choice of item(s) through Support starting from October 19 only.
     Make sure to include your Account ID. Any early tickets will not be counted.
     Please be advised that processing of reward claims may take time over the weekend.

o   Any tickets/claims filed regarding the event will not be entertained 10 days after the rewarding period.
o   Rewards may be subject to change with or without prior notice.

Double Bonus Reward(s): all acquired bonus rewards will be doubled (x2).
For example, GM Corax obtains Growth Stone x150 as 100th bonus reward.
At the end of the event, GM Corax will receive additional Growth Stone x150

††Triple Bonus Reward(s): all acquired bonus rewards will be tripled (x3).
For example, GM Corax obtains Enchantment Chip Expert x350 as 500th bonus reward.
At the end of the event, GM Corax will receive additional Enchantment Chip Expert x700

Tier 1: x2 Bonus Reward
Tier 2, 3, 4 & 5: x3 Bonus Reward (per reward accumulation rule)

*applies only to characters officially released within the event period
**based on one character card of choice
***main weapons of the two characters of choice (card)

Item Notes:

Santo De Blanc Costume: Does not include stock character specific costume. This is available to the following characters only:
Battlefield Claude, Ion, Caisse, Levine
Anis, Lyn, Elisa, Laura

Onyx Rumin: Penetration +6 (weapon costume)

Coral Rumin: ATK +7% (weapon costume)

Wing of Red Devil: ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1, ATK +25%, DEF +10, Penetration +5, HP +2000, SP +300

Superior Kunzite - Rumin: Critical Damage +8% (weapon costume) or Critical Damage -10% (body costume); permanent

Magic Enchantment Stabilizer: Prevents enchantment from failing. Increases probability of acquiring rare option by 3 times.

Finest Potion/Liquor of Steroid: ATK, max HP, damage to monsters +20%; DEF, Penetration, Immunity +20
Duration: 1hr for Potion / 10hrs for Liquor; does not stack with other Steroid buffs and Touch of Heaven
Events / Shiny Crystal Hogger - Weekend edition
« Last post by Ewelli on October 12, 2017, 11:25:14 pm »
Event Period: October 13, 2017 (00:00) to October 16, 2017 (00:00)

How to join: Simply collect as much Shiny Crystal Chest from any roulette!

1st place: Vigilar Weapon Box + Enchantment Tranquilizer (Event, 10 min)
2nd place: Rare Character Card Merchant Summon Stone (Event)* + Expert Training Card
3rd place: Tyrant Weapon Box + Enchantment Tranquilizer (Event, 5 min)
4th - 10th place: Character Card Box III (Event)
11th - 20th place: 100 Pet Food

*lets you choose 1 Event Card from the following list:
Soho of the Wind
Sage Emilia
Battle Cook Panfilo
Battle Smith Idge
Cadet Adriana
Cadet Elisa

Special reward!
Collect 10pcs Shiny Crystal Chest and get 1pc Summer Weapon Costume Merchant Summon Stone (Event)

Available costumes:
Shark Cannon Costume (Event)
Octopus Bracelet Costume (Event)
Octopus Fire Bracelet Costume (Event)
Octopus Ice Bracelet Costume (Event)
Octopus Lightning Bracelet Costume (Event)
Duck Shield Costume (Event)

*Edit: Requirement for special reward has been reduced.
Rewards will be sent starting October 16, 2017.
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