Author Topic: Lucky Shop Rewards Bonanza (November 2017)  (Read 1978 times)

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Lucky Shop Rewards Bonanza (November 2017)
« on: November 16, 2017, 02:54:15 am »


o   All purchases must be made through Lucky Shop plays only.
o   Only valid play purchases from November 17, 2017 00:00 until November 24, 2017 00:00 (Game Time) will be counted for this limited promotion.

o   Qualification for each tier is based on the total worth of your Lucky Shop plays. If your purchased plays amount to less than indicated, you will not qualify for the relevant tier.
     For example: To reach Tier 1, you must click the [Play x10] button 11 times, or
                         click the [Play x10] button 10 times plus click [Play Now!!] button 9 times.

     Note: Play x10 = 4600 TCoins. Clicking this 10 times will only amount to $46, hence you will not qualify for Tier 1

o   Tier rewards are accumulated.
     For example: GM Corax buys $250 worth of Tcoins and uses up all in Lucky Shop plays
                          GM Corax will receive Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 rewards

o   Rewards are only given once per account.
o   Purchases in Web Shop or ingame Cash Shop will not be considered.
o   All rewards will be sent to qualified accounts by November 28, 2017.

o   Accounts that qualified for Tier 4 and/or Tier 5 rewards must send their choice of item(s) through Support starting from November 28 only.
     Make sure to include your Account ID. Any early tickets will not be counted.
     Please be advised that processing of reward claims may take time over the weekend.

o   Any tickets/claims filed regarding the event will not be entertained 10 days after the rewarding period.
o   Rewards may be subject to change with or without prior notice.

Double Bonus Reward(s): all acquired bonus rewards will be doubled (x2).
For example, GM Corax obtains Growth Stone x150 as 100th bonus reward.
At the end of the event, GM Corax will receive additional Growth Stone x150

††Triple Bonus Reward(s): all acquired bonus rewards will be tripled (x3).
For example, GM Corax obtains Enchantment Chip Expert x350 as 500th bonus reward.
At the end of the event, GM Corax will receive additional Enchantment Chip Expert x700

Tier 1: x2 Bonus Reward
Tier 2, 3, 4 & 5: x3 Bonus Reward (per reward accumulation rule)

*available for the following weapon types:
Sword                    Cannon
Blunt                      Knuckle
Rapier                    Gaiters
Javelin                    Lute
Sabre                     Crossbow
Great Sword           Rod
Polearm                 Staff
Dagger                  Fire Bracelet
Pistol                     Ice Bracelet
Rifle                      Lightning Bracelet
Shotgun                Special Bracelet

Item Notes:

Pet Box (Sabertiger): allows you to summon a pet saber tiger that buffs [Wild Vigor]: Damage to monsters +20%, Penetration +5, Critical +10.
Note: Kindly disregard the erroneus item description shown ingame.

Onyx Rumin: Penetration +6 (weapon costume)

Coral Rumin: ATK +7% (weapon costume)

Wing of Red Devil: ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1, ATK +25%, DEF +10, Penetration +5, HP +2000, SP +300

Kallichore - Rumin: Penetration +7, Casting Time -1% (weapon costume)

Magic Enchantment Stabilizer: Prevents enchantment from failing. Increases probability of acquiring rare option by 3 times.

Finest Potion/Liquor of Steroid: ATK, max HP, damage to monsters +20%; DEF, Penetration, Immunity +20
Duration: 1hr for Potion / 10hrs for Liquor; does not stack with other Steroid buffs and Touch of Heaven

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