Author Topic: [Play Time Event] January 10 - April 10, 2018  (Read 777 times)

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[Play Time Event] January 10 - April 10, 2018
« on: January 10, 2018, 12:59:59 am »
Added mechanics:

  • Weapon Ticket - AR 35 (Event) can be exchanged for any Elite Constellation (Event) weapon.
  • Combined exchange will be enabled:
                   o    Weapon Ticket - AR 35 (Event) + Growth Booster can be exchanged for one (1) +7 Elite Constellation (Event) weapon of choice.
  • Both ticket and booster must be intact for combined exchange.
  • An exchanged item cannot be traded back to its ticket form.
  • Please take note that sold item/s to NPC will not be restored as per item disposal policy.

  • For all item exchanges, please contact Support. Make sure to always include your Account Name.
  • If you wish to make any changes in your exchange request, make sure to update the first ticket only. The first ticket will always take priority.
  • All exchanged items are without enchantments and/or processed sockets.
  • Please make sure your ticket and booster are in Inventory. Items in temporary premium storage or Leonardo storage will not be accepted for exchange.
  • Adding screenshots is not necessary when requesting for an exchange.
  • All event items related to exchange will be deleted at the end of this Play Time event.

Other notes on items:
  • Shiny Character Card Box contains one random rare character card (Event). Acquisition is roulette-based.
  • Bristia Guild License (7 days) enables additional acquisition of favor rates from completing Kielce daily quests.
  • 1 - 10,000,000 Vis Purse can be exchanged to vis by dragging the item to NPC Chyler in Kielce (I,5).

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