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Lucky Spin - User Feedback
« on: February 13, 2018, 03:13:39 am »
We're launching a new 'lucky' feature in Granado Espada Online and we'd like to hear your thoughts about it—whether they be complaints, requests or queries!

We greatly value all of your feedback, regardless if they are positive or negative. Each one will be utilized to provide a better, more convenient premium experience.
As a start, we will be sending a small token of appreciation for your time and support!

-To view Lucky Spin, simply log in your account in the Granado Espada Online website
-Each user feedback sent will receive 1,500 TCoins in return
-The TCoins can only be received once per account
-In order to receive the TCoins, user's account must have at least one (1) Lucky Spin record
-Feedback sent must be comprehensible, constructive and related to Lucky Spin
-Please send any feedback to our
Support team

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