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World X PvP Tournament (April)
« on: March 28, 2017, 02:44:37 am »
Event details:

o   This tournament will only consider Single, Fixed mode participation.
o   Final rankings will be tallied by the end of the month.
o   Overall ranking will be observed in the following fashion:
         Rank 1 Knight Captain = 1st place
         Rank 2 Knight Captain = 2nd place and so on
         If there are only 5 accounts ranked as Knight Captain, the 6th place will go to Rank 1 Empire Knight and so on

o   Event rewards will be sent within the first week of the following month.
o   All participating Families ranked as Knight and above will receive participatory items.
o   Families who will qualify in the final rankings will not be eligible to receive participatory items.

o   For rewards of items of choice, qualified players must send a ticket to claim.
o   Any tickets/claims filed after May 12, 2017 will no longer be entertained.
o   Existing game rules and policies will continue to apply. Any proven violations will receive strict account sanction.

Event rewards:

Participatory items:
Rose Wing (30 Days) Gift Box
100 Pet Food

͟ ͟ ͟ ͟ ͟ ͟ ͟ ͟ ͟ ͟ ͟͟ ͟ ͟ ͟ ͟ ͟ ͟ ͟
Reward notes:

Will of Argus (Event) / Hope of Argus (Event) / Shadow of Abyss (Event) / Revelation of Abyss (Event) / Charisma of Reydeavaricia (Event). The reward item will be given as is, without enhancement and/or enchantment
*Refer to Evil Weapon Costume List

Pendant of Protection (15 days) - It cannot be traded, sold or discarded. It increases defensive attributes. DEF Rating +2, HP +1500, DEF +10, Immunity +5

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