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Title: Expedition - Developer's Notes
Post by: Ewelli on March 06, 2019, 12:59:46 am
1. How to Use Expedition System

The Expedition UI can be open at Top UI <My Family Info> - <Expedition> and the system will also be available
during Keep Mode.

<Image: Expedition UI Location>

<Image: Expedition UI under Development>

The basic Expedition mechanics are as follows.
   ▶ Select a desired Expedition quest
   ▶ Select up to 3 characters from a character list
   ▶ Consume a required resource and start an Expedition
   ▶ An Expedition complete after the time required
   ▶ Expedition success: Basic reward + bonus reward / Failure: Basic reward

Multiple quests can be taken at the same time and the same type of a completed quest can be taken again.


2. Character Info

Each character has two types of information: Stats and Tags.

- Stats (STR, AGI, DEX, HP, INT, SEN)
 The stats affect the Expedition success rate. Only character’s basic stats and increased stats by promotion are
applied. Stats increased by equipment, buffs/blessings, essence of Renauld, resources of the elements, and etc. are
not applied.

- Tags
 Each character has its own tags. Upon leveling up to Expert, Master, and High Master, each tag becomes active.
Up to 3 tags can be used.
<Image: Example - Master Pirate Adelina’s Tags>


3. Expedition Quest Tag

Each Expedition quest has 3 tags and the following effects are applied when matching corresponding characters.


Since the effects above can stack, an Expedition with only the success rate increase effect can increase by 8 times
according to tag matching. Likewise, required resource and time can be up to 1/8.

<Image: Example - Required time decreased from 16 hours to 2 hours>

When clicking a tag of an Expedition quest, characters that have the same tag are displayed.

4. Expedition Success / Failure

The Expedition success depends on stats required for an Expedition and a bonus reward is given once an
Expedition succeeds.

In case of the Expedition quest below, STR of a selected character increases the success rate.

<Image: Example - STR increases the ‘Crossed Message’ Expedition quest>

However, the stat doesn’t apply fixedly. Each Expedition quest requires a different value.


5. Expedition Character

For an Expedition, all characters in Barracks except ‘characters currently included in MCC’, and ‘characters sent for
another Expedition
’ can be deployed.

Besides, characters deployed for an Expedition can’t be included in MCC until ‘the Expedition is completed’ or ‘the
Expedition is cancelled’.

<Image: Deployed characters can’t be added in MCC>

6. Expedition Quest List

5 random Expedition quests are allocated to each family every day and they reset at midnight. If there is a quest
underway, the quest will be listed as a ‘Travelling’ or ‘Awaiting Completion’ status after midnight.


Quests on the bottom of the list require more resources and time, while they give better rewards. However, they
have a high level of difficulty since their success rates are comparably low and they may require unique tags that
only a few characters have.


7. Q&A

Q. Why did you choose the Expedition system?
 A. In the current MCC system, we thought we should exclude equipment and other elements that may burden
players in order to make good use of the roles of each character. We hope the system would become a content
that players can enjoy with only character’s promotion status and stats.

Q. Why did you choose the Tag concept?
 A. We wanted the stories of each character to entirely merge into the Expedition system. Therefore we subdivided
the character settings, such as home, job, ability, story and etc. and as a result, a total of 94 tags were allocated to
characters accordingly for the Expedition. This concept would let characters infrequently used for a battle become
essential characters for an Expedition.

Q. What type of tags are there?
 A. For example, there are tags classified by scenario quest zone (Reboldoeux, Coimbra, and etc.) and current job
(Pirate, Merchant, and etc.). Also there are tags that premium characters usually have, such as Past, Future,
Perhaps, Student Council, Snowflake, and Shaman.

Q. Tell us about the further update.
 A. The new Expedition system consists of more than 100 quests. The quests will consistently be adjusted, added,
and changed. Besides, newly updated characters will also be included the system regularly.