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What the heck does ______ mean? (a guide to GE alphabet soup)
« on: January 02, 2013, 01:01:58 pm »
When you first start out and are trying to figure out what the heck all those letters mean on broad or in chat, look here! I'm sure I've missed some so feel free to add.

Armor terms:

ESA -30 dr metal armor elite shivelrir armor
ERM -84e general leather armor
EBF -Elite bone frame armor
EDC -Elite Dragon Coat
ERS -Elite Rescue suit
ELV -elite la ventisca
EPJ -elite pendera jacket
ELN - 32 base dr armor
ELB - 30 base dr armor
LN - 29 base dr armor
GC - 33 base dr armor
FoC - fate of castilla 33 base dr metal armor

Character Terms:

STF -soho the fighter
ETS -emilia the sage
ATP -adelina the pirate
BSI -battlesmith idge
ICP -iron chef panfilo
Musk -stock muskateer
Sco -stock scout
Wiz -stock wizard
Ele -stock elementalist(warlock)
Fig -stock fighter
emy -emilia
caly -calypso

Raid (and activity) Terms:

T2, T3 -trinity 2 or trinity 3 mission lobby
STo/STw -secret tower raid
STe/ST - secret temple
TA -team arena
PY -poisen yard
BC -battle coliseum
BH -Bounty Hunter mission's
FG -fire gate
IG -ice gate
LG -lightning gate (or Liquid gas)
ASV -Arsene Secret Vault
ToC -Tower of Chaos
CT -Clock Tower
LW -Legion wars
BF -Battlefield (same as LW)
CW -Colony Wars
HB -HellBreaker
Luci -lucifer castle

Trading Terms:

WTB -want to buy
WTT -want to trade
WTS -want to sell
EJs -Elemental Jewels
GS -Great stone
PC - Price check (sometimes Port of Coimbra)
MM = Market Manager

Other terms: (these are ones I've yet to classify...working on it still)
UD -undead
WB -wild beast
MSA -magic spelled amythest
DHr -dragon heart recipe
FC -firecracker
MA -martial artist
BD -black dragon
OJ10 -old journal 10
Fakes -any of several lower level weapons used to make 92e weapons
AQM -al quelt moreza
MM -market manager
MP -mysterious powder
MSP -mysterious steel piece
PC - Price check / Port Coimbra (depends on the context)
UA - Upgrade Accelerators
EB - Enchant Boosters
CAA - Caebolan Ancient Area
++ = Invite to squad
POC: Port Of Coimbra (i use this instead of the PC thats Bahu wrote)
AR: attack rating
WC = Whole Cancel
RM = Refresh Mind
ASOS = Ancient Star Orbs
DD = Devil Dreams
MW = Mortal Wound
DR: defense rating
LG: liquid gas (an item) of lightning gate (a raid)
Inv = invulnerable
PF= Protection field
Pink = Use Pink Lolipop/Pink Candy
Boost = AM Boost/Str pot/Boost pot
TF = Triumph Fillers
ET = Enhanced Tactics
Emi = Emilia
Bars = White gold bars (like pay me in bars)
Res = Resurrect/Resuscitation
Ele = Elementalist
Hele = Helena
IWT-Ice Wizard's Tower same as IG or Novia
WGB-white gold bars
KoG-King of Covetry aka. King of Greed
AoE = area of effect
PBAoE = player based area of effect
BoP = bind on pick up (which never exists in sword)
LTA - La Tierra D'Amor
FF - Faction Fight (others know it as faction buff)
GM - Game Moderator (AM is the same but i don't actually know that the A stands for)
HWC - Holy water chamber
SV - Secret Vault
CM - Castilla Mines
Relics - Castilla Ruins
OPC - Old Port of Coimbra
PB - Porto Bello
Gay - Andre
monkey - lostmoony
IWT = Icy Wizard Tower (Ice Gate, Novia) (I know it's been said :d)
OP - Otite Piece
LS - Le Scarce
DPS - Damage Per Second (pretty common tho)
sGE/kGE/tGE/jGE - other Granado espada versions (Singapore, Korean, Taiwan, Japanese etc)
ASO for Ancient Star Orbs as well

There are many stance abbreviations as well
BF - Bloody Feast
SS - Shining/Shadow Sting
Puni - Punisher
Pelt - Petlast
DC - Death Chopping

(Most of the character names are self explanatory tbh)
CT/Torsche - Cath Torsche
Cath/y - One of the Cath ROBOTS
boma- Mboma
Val - Valleriia
Reck - Crazy Emilia
Karja  - Mia Karjalain

The Barons - When used like that may refer to Kurt + Eduardo.
SB = Shining Balad, one of Vincent Rio's buffs
3S = Added after a wep name, indicates item has 3 sockets (same for 1S and 2S)
SC = Soul Crystal
CM = Castilla Mine
CR = Castilla Ruins
MCC = Multi-Character Control, the fancy way of saying 'control 3 chars at once'
MCC1 = Indicates you can only use one character, or only have 1 in your team.
AMs = Refers to AM's Boost, a potion buff.
KTV = Katovic Snowfield
SST = Server Standard Time
Inv = Invite, most often in reference to a squad.
PM = Private message
AC = Armor Crasher
BB = Black Bishop - a e100 LoE
LoE = 'Lord of Elements', a specific type of bracelet, has no official element affiliation
GS = Greatsword, a two-handed melee weapon
2H = A two-handed melee weapon (ie: Greatswords)
1H = A one-handed melee weapon, specifically Swords.

I know there's more feel free to add to this list!

Contributions from: Alzeda, Bahu, Eollica, McSplitter, Orgasmic, others (i'll finish crediting when i clean up this post)
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