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This is Archaeus' Quick Tip Guide Designed to Save you Vis and Rage Moments On JD/Kano Quests.
This is not a walkthrough but a supplement to the walkthrough.  Use as the general walkthrough.
My guide will help in the parts that are fuzzy and don't give real strategies to completing them with the least monetary investment. 
I will basically point on what I call crucial points where These TIPS will save you hard earned Vis.

JD Quest Tips For Sucess

1. During Question the Soldiers Part of JD's Recruitment the correct soldiers will always say "we will carry out whatever the Governor said" when you ask what they think of the governor.  This is the only part of the convo you need to key in on.  This will save you 5m vis per traitor convo.  This is one of the key vis saver features all the all the other guides didn't provide and were very vague on.  Sometimes you have to cycle though the conversation a few times for them to say the line above, and there is always the option to not continue conversation to do this so that you don't talk to a traitor aka Vis Vampire.

2. During Sister Rescue Part for JD Recruitment it's time to prepare for the dreaded Soldier Dodge Game.  If you made it past Heyran then you'll know what a pain it can be but this time there is a twist, JD is there and you don't wanna get caught by him or you'll be set back a day.. So avoid him at all costs..even if you have to run into another guard to fail.  For those that don't know about the dodge fest I'm gonna provide my item list/tips along with setup for each part of mission.

For first section you need to walk past guards only when they have ZZZ above thier red loli needed.  Then you'll come across the circle dodge part.  Try to use right or left side to get through them, while avoiding JD...going down the middle is too risky for getting caught.  Remember to take your time and watch the guards pattern as well as watching for where JD is (Remember if he catches you..its another day down the toilet).  You have some leaway on the patrolling guards circles on when they'll detect you...the guards that are stationary on sides, will auto detect if you walk into don't do it! 

Ok, You Pro Dodged the first its time for the next fun part.  You're basically gonna chase down a very high defense guard and kill him before he gets to the end.  I recommend bringing 3 RED LOLIS, 1 Principal Pot, switching your ATTRIBUTES to ATTACK SPEED with Penetration and using a fast shotgun on bernelli and a fast pistol on raven.  Reason for principal pot and attribute choice is...guard is a shield user and you wanna prevent him from blocking your attacks.  Also he has has high def and you can only hit him for 1 damage no matter attack speed is all that matters.  To initiate this part you'll sneak up on guard during his ZZZ but he isn't asleep... I recommend premptive popping your first RED LOLI to get as close as you can to him before he awakes and so you catch up to him faster.  Also along the way on the right side is a device, hit it.  It will power up some circle devices that will slightly slow the guard.  During this time it locks that character in place but don't stop running after and attacking the guard with your other character.  Pop your other Red Lolis to keep up as needed...try to keep your guys in front of guard if possible and not behind chasing to dps it.  With this proper set up you should easily one shot this part and be done with this annoying quest till they make another UPC that requires you to dodge a billion JD's while on Flaming Zeppelin that is crashing into Vespanola.

Those are the two parts that I found to really need any further divulgement on how to is pretty straight forward and face roll easy.

Now For The Ultimate Vis Destroyer Kano

Without these tips kano can easily leave you a vis-less pauper in our nasty economy.

1.  We are skipping all the easy convo and heading straight to the real stuff, the dreaded Mind Machine.  Making this vis sucking machine requires you to gather a hefty amount of mats that aren't exactly cheap: 10 Devil Whispers (el ruina memoria drop), 10 Pebbles (albertal/toubkal mine drop), 2 Mysterious Steel Peices (Hellbreaker Daily drop), and 60 of each Esssence type; balance, purity, corruption (Kielce Daily/Bristia Boxes/Kiecle Area drops).  Once you gather all that you gonna need a bare minium of additional 120 essences in 30 increments of any type for the next 4 incoming quests.  Now time to break down the Vis Vampire Missions...failing these could cost you 30 more essences which is roughly 30~45m a shot depending on current market prices.

Mind Machine Time!!!!

Mission 1.

This is one is a fight versus Kano and the easiest to do.  Bring Soul Crystals if you worried about dying, bring them if your not, its cheaper to spam them for 500k vis a shot then 30-45m for esssences.  She's got really high physical def 550 but can be killed with physical toons just takes longer.   An elementalist type with high penetration and penetration attitributes will make this fight much shorter and easiar. It is easiar to pen 75 resist all then 550 def.

Mission 2.

This mission is basically a run away from kano fight, her damage is upped significantly.  Bring 4-5 RED LOLI's and Soul Crystals.  Once again cheaper to spam soul crystals for 500k each than essences to redo this mission.  Also for this mission you'll wanna grab your most tankiest characters, ie coimbra trooper/fighters, to lower risk of death/soul crystal spam.  As well as go into your family attributes and switch them to monster attack reduction/hp boosts.  Point of this mission is survival.  I recommend running around the edges of the room to keep her at max range.  Survive about 4-5 minutes and you're done.

Mission 3.

This is where the lil brat starts to cheat.  Her auto attack now stuns and she runs at red loli speed.  Same recommendations as previous mission, tanky characters, 4-5 Red Lolis, SOUL CRYSTALS!!!  Kite her around the room for 4-5 minutes, use Soul Crystals if you lose two characters asap.  Remember Soul Crystals Cheap, Esssences aren't :D.

Mission 4.

This mission has some quirks that I found and now will reveal to you to prevent you from failing one time like I did.  For this mission we are gonna play dodge the one hit KO, and it doesn't matter how godly you will die.  So during this mission red and yellow beams of light will spawn and your goal is to run to each of them to receive an invulnerable buff and to be constantly looking out for the next one when it spawns.  I recommend using high movement speed armor/boots because you can't use items during in invulnerable buff so no red loli's here kiddos.  Here's the key thing that I found.  Use only 1 character instead of 3 because for some reason when all 3 run though a beam it sometimes doesn't invulnerable them at all and you die...and remember dying is means 30-45m to redo the mission.  I found with 1 character it was much easiar to run though each beam and receive the buff.

The Final Vis Eater!!

Yeah just when you thought Kano bled you all the way dry...she comes back for more!!  For last part of her quest your gonna need 10 elemental jewels (leave my vis alone Kano!!) and to hunt down a new encyclopedia boss in torshe annex, it's really big and obvious, usually residing in the lower area with the higher end dolls like Lady Sasha.

After completing the final quest you'll have a nice new shiny kano and probably no vis.

Archaeus Family of Castilla~
Thanks for reading my guide and hope it saves you some time and vis :).
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