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PrivailerS Recruiting
« on: March 18, 2018, 02:38:00 pm »
Greetings to everyone!

Name: PrivailerS.
Faction: Royalists.
LvL: currently 56 (soon 70).
Language: English.
Timezone: US & EU.
Activities: PvE (Raids/Quests/Missions) and everything about PvE.
Voice: Discord Server with Text channels,specific voice channels for every activity,announcements,trade channels for internal market offers and many discord automations that makes life easier.
Age: no special requirements (maturity is expected).

What we are expecting:Policy

Active players (real life always comes first).
English speaking.
Participation in Discord for raids and activities (this is our main communication and management tool).
Respect to each other.
We wont hold your hand but you can always find the help and the advises you need.
No LvL requirements...all family lvls are welcome
No hostile actions against other factions and other players
No trash talk at all chats!!!We must respect everyone and avoid violations
Be friendly to everyone in and out of the faction.

How to join:

In-game mail  : LucifersDignity or Cronin with your full family name and we will be back to you asap!

Thanks in advance!

With respect: Cronin