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[Lucky Shop] Doom Slave's Gifts
« on: June 20, 2018, 12:56:49 am »
Purchase from Doom Slave's Lucky Shop package and receive extra items!

25 purchases = Evil Weapon Summon Stone x2
75 purchases = Chains of Destiny x1
125 purchases = Character Card Box of Heaven (Event) x1
175 purchases = Strata Devil Weapon Summon Stone (Event) x3
200 purchases = Tyrfing of Dvalinn x1
225 purchases = Dazzling Spodumene - Rumin x1


What does the term 'purchases' mean?
This basically refers to your 'Plays' in Lucky Shop. Clicking 'Play x10' is equal to 10 purchases.

If I purchase 450 plays, do I get twice of everything in total?
No. You may only receive the reward items once.

How do I know if I've made enough purchases already or not?
Unfortunately, there is no event counter for this promo. Players will have to keep track of their own purchases.

What is 'Chains of Destiny'?
This is a limited edition medal.
It gives the following stats: Penetration +3, All Status +1
When worn by Berthe and Charles/Snowflake Berthe and Charles, ATK +3%, SP +500
When worn by Anis, DEF +3, Immunity +3
When worn by Arbitrator Berthe, ATK +3%, Casting Time -3%
When worn by Executor Anis, ATK +3%, Movement Speed +5%
When worn by Sirius/Doom Slave, Immunity +5

What character can I obtain from the Character Card Box of Heaven (Event)?
You can obtain an event character card of one of the following:
Rachel, Illusion, Levine, Cannon Shooter Claire, Mireille, Cecile, Blue Flame Ludin, Jane, Jin, Loretta, Cadet Leonele, Elizabeth, Dolores, Lorraine,
Divine Hammer Brianne, Bane, Silver Flash Lyn, Kevin, Code Name L, Grim Reaper Sariel, Empyreum Judith, Risky, Cadet Amy, Juliana, Archon Dietrich, Vanessa,
Jaina, Bloody Navy Cano, Aclla, Banshee Natalie, Daisy, Becky, Kei, Snowflake Berthe and Charles, Scarlett, Ciel, Hermes, Queen Sereni Joshua, Scavenger Diego,
White Wolf, Lady Rachel, Crusader Daria, Rubiana, Rada, Arbitrator Berthe, Executor Anis, Doom Slave

What is 'Tyrfing of Dvalinn'?
This is a limited edition weapon costume!
Cursed by Dvalinn, this magic sword has swallowed numerous souls.
[Damage to Demon/Undead +5%]
When worn by Doom Slave, ATK +3%
You can process its sockets up to 2, and expand up to 1

1. To qualify for this promo, purchases must be made from Doom Slave's package only.
2. Only purchases from June 20 to June 28 (00:00, server/EDT) are valid for this promo.
3. Reward items will be sent to qualified accounts starting June 29, 2018.
4. Feel free to contact Support for any clarifications regarding this promo.

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