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Kiss - Developer's Notes
« on: October 20, 2018, 03:17:02 am »
[Character Introduction]
We’d like to introduce to you a new character, Kiss. He is created by Chlor family, the winner of the Character Design Contest.
After the character won, we worked hard to find a way to show off his charm.
His concept was to use a staff or a rod; however, the character moved awkwardly because a rod was too big and thick, and also
each of the weapons has a different shape.
Therefore, we decided to use a lightning bracelet as his weapon, which doesn’t constrain his movement and is perfect for a
[lightning wizard]. We also let him hold a stick that he can use like a pole stick.
Other than that, we tried our best to follow the Chlor family’s settings.


Job Skill: Imaginary Point
[Imaginary Point] is a skill which gives the [Lightning Reinforcement] buff that improves offensive abilities of lightning spheres.
The [Lightning Reinforcement] buff level increases as a skill or a normal attack hits a target. The buff strengthens offensive
abilities consistently.
Imaginary Point can increase the [Lightning Reinforcement] buff level even in a non-battle situation as well.


[Stance and Skill]

Stance: Electrica Billar
It’s a stance which maximizes offensive abilities by combining the Fluke family’s lightning magic and billiards that Kiss has been
trying to master since he was little.
Although the stance skills have wide ranges, they increase offensive abilities every time they hit one target. Therefore, the
lesser the number of targets, the more efficient the skills are.
● Revolucion

It’s a skill that hits the ground with one lightning sphere and then spreads multiple lightning spheres helically to menace nearby

● Buen Tiro

It’s a charging skill which attacks enemies ahead by strongly spinning a lightning sphere in reverse.
The charging time is comparably shorter than other charging skills.

● Reflexion

This skill summons a unique magic circle ahead, quickly shoots lightning spheres, and penetrates enemies on the circle several
The fewer the targets, the more damage is dealt. As one enemy is added, damage is highly decreased.

● Electrico

This skill creates a lightning sphere on a targeted area, enlarges it to confine enemies, and pulls them towards the center to
Although it’s a channeling skill that attacks several times, this deals higher damage when there are fewer enemies, just like how
Reflexion works.

● Las Luces

It’s a skill which releases thunderbolts from a lightning sphere to hit all enemies in a wide range.
Like the two skills above, this deals higher damage when there are fewer enemies.


[Developer’s Comment]

- Use [Imaginary Point] to apply the [Lightning Reinforcement] buff and increase the buff level to max by attacking multiple enemies.
- The key point is increasing the [Lightning Reinforcement] buff level and the area effect skills that deal high damage to a single target.
- Lure an enemy to fight one on one and attack it using [Reflexion], [Electrico], and [Las Luces].

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