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Making suggestions...
« on: October 23, 2018, 06:28:25 pm »
The title of this thread could be awkward, but im wandering if we can make some suggestions, like could do GE europe or GE sea (i remember Kiss Character was made by SEA draw contest).. so i want to make.. (again), if is possible a couple of interesting ideas which can improve the game (if IMC could be interested)....

So, here we go....

1) Add more daily quest in Kielce, to increase ammount of favor points, in Kielce Laboratory, Port Union and Bristia Government General.
2) Reduce by a few (or in another case, increase amount) of items related to Elite Bristia Crafting (ibr rifle and Masterpieces could be excluded)
2.2) (Same way if is applied to Elite Constellation series)
3) Erase the character waiting list on certain missions (Such as Bloody Navy Mission, Cursed Lift Pattern, Holy Water Chamber Mission)
4) Change some rewards of certaining missions (Like e92 armor/weapons on rank 3/4 missions)

I hope could any of this suggestion make more playful in terms of PVE play.... I wish the craftmanship of elite bristia weapons could be more accesible, due to the new incoming weapons (remember, stratas years ago were the top weapons.. and now have Valeron, Royal and Abyss weapon series... and, making Stratas is more easy now, and Armonias are in the same way as well)


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Re: Making suggestions...
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2018, 09:49:54 pm »
[Don't have any to add, but would like to mention that Kiss is designed by KR server player, not SEA:]