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Aisha - Developer's Notes
« on: December 04, 2018, 10:48:45 pm »
Character Introduction

She’s a shaman blessed by the [master of Water] of the ancient Altria.
However, she doesn’t seem to be aware of her status as a shaman.
Rada said she has never carried out the mission of a shaman.
She’s lazy and has a strong desire to simply sleep.
She has done nothing but sleep in the lake until Rada, the shaman of Earth, dredged her up.
That’s quite impressive somehow.
Since she had slept for many years, her clothes has become shabby.
The clothes Aisha is wearing are the ones Rada bought and put on her.
Oh, she chose the pillow under her arm herself.
She seems to remain at odds with Aclla.
Unlike Aclla who is passionate and serious about everything, Aisha is a lazy shaman.
Look, Aclla is throwing her wand towards the sleeping Aisha. She could dodge it even while asleep.

Q: Why did you choose to develop Aisha?
H: Along with the shaman of Fire [Aclla] and the shaman of Earth [Rada], we were planning to update Aisha that was mentioned
in the previous character story. While settling on a concept, we had a perfect idea and developed the character based on it.

Q: Could you tell us the character’s feature?
H: Based on the [shaman of Water] concept, we added magic skills of the [Water] and [Ice] elements. Also we tried to
emphasize that she’s a [sleepyhead] through [dialogues] and her [job skill].
Q: Why did you choose a rod/staff as her weapon?
H: We thought Aclla, Rada, and Aisha should have something in common so we let her wield a rod and a staff like the others.
We wanted all the [shaman] characters to use a [rod] and a [staff].
Q: Could you brief us the character’s profile?
H: Please refer to the table below.

 ● Aisha uses a [rod] and a [staff].
 ● She can wear a [coat] and a [robe]. Since she has comparably high [INT] and [SEN] stats, she’d be perfect for [middle-long
ranged magic support].

[Job Skill]

Aisha’s job skill, [Daydream] has the following effects:
- [ATK Rating / DEF Rating increase]
- [ATK increase]
- [Penetration increase]
- [DEF increase depending on INT]
- [Immunity increase depending on INT]
The duration is 10 seconds and cooldown is 5 seconds.
[Daydream] will help you fight in a battle efficiently by strengthening [ATK/DEF] stats for a short period of time.

[Stance and Skill]

It’s a magic stance which is a combination of the power of Water and a daydream of the sleepy-headed shaman.
[Thalassa] uses a [rod] and a [staff]. Its normal attack strikes 3 times and deals area effect damage.
At level 25, the stance has 30 Penetration and 15 Immunity. We considered adding a feature where she [blocks] enemy attacks
using an [ice shield] or a [water pillar]; however, giving [Block] to a character that has the [melee damage received -20%] effect
would exert a negative influence on the [overall battle balance] so the idea was scrapped.
The element of all the skills is [Ice].

● [Karia]
- It’s a diversionary attack skill that is instantly cast. It has a 10m range and can attack [air enemies].
- A successful attack has a chance of inflicting [Cold Wave]. Although its cooldown is short, the damage is not so high.
The skill could be useful in disabling enemy’s skill usage or blocking enemy’s approach. It  could be used to initiate the chain of
her skills in PvE.

● [Tutana]
- It’s a ranged magic skill which raises water pillars on a 15m straight line.
- It has a short casting time and a successful attack has a chance of inflicting [Agony].
- It ignores RES of PC with active [Cold Wave] in proportion to [Aisha]’s INT and highly increases damage to monster.

● [Water Wave]
- It’s a magic skill which strikes a designated target and enemies near it in a max range of 16m.
- A successful attack has a chance of inflicting [Frostbite]. It [ignores RES] of PC with active [Agony] and highly increases skill ATK to monster.

● [Hail Storm]
- It’s a [channeling skill].
- It strikes a targeted ground up to 10 times. Although it deals high damage, its cooldown and casting time are comparably long.
- It [ignores RES] of PC with active [Cold Wave] [Frostbite] [Agony] and increases damage to monster that the effect is [stackable].

● [Aeve]
- The final skill, [Aeve] is a [charging skill].
- The skill attacks nearby enemies and skill ATK increases in proportion to the charging time.
- A successful attack has a 50% chance of inflicting one among [Cold Wave/Frostbite/Agony].
- Although it deals high damage, its cooldown is comparably long and if the [charging time] is short, the skill ATK is lower.

[Developer’s Comment]

- [Cold Wave][Agony][Frostbite] are fatal debuffs and are keys to maximizing Aisha’s tremendous damage
infliction. Use her skills continuously to inflict these debuffs on enemies.
- [Aisha]’s [Daydream] has powerful effects, but its duration is short. [Daydream] must be maintained to fully
utilize her abilities.
- PvP: Weakens PC using a fatal [debuff] skill and then knocks it down by dealing strong damage; however, Aisha
may be ineffective to enemies without any [debuffs].
- PvE: Using the fatal [debuffs], weakens monsters’ strong ATK, strengthens survivability of herself and party
members, and highly increases [Thalassa] stance’s ATK.

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