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MSG Barrol - Developer's Notes
« on: May 06, 2019, 09:37:43 pm »
A Master Sergeant of the Bristian Army, Barrol.
Yes, he’s the drunkard Barrol you know.

Unlike his father who was born to be a soldier, he had no loyalty to his country and wasn’t very
passionate about being a soldier.
He enlisted himself in the Bristian Army after having a meaningful conversation with his father, while
drinking [DOOM Perignon].
His father warned him that a war between Bristia and Vespanola will be waged. “Do whatever you can
for our country”, he said. Determined to honor his father’s last words, he’s preparing for the war as a
master sergeant of the Bristian Army. He seems to be especially trusted by Captain Achel.
Barrol, who’s always carrying [DOOM Perignon] around his waist, is a true soldier that cheers up his men.
All the soldiers and the officers praise him and care about him.

Interestingly, he also hosts all the parties of the Bristian Army as a VIP of the Red Hat Pub.

[Development Story]
Q: Is he the Barrol in his golden days?
H: No. He was in his golden days when he was in his 20s, wielding dual guns.
The Barrol of that time would be comparable to the Imperial Guards of Illier as long as he had dual guns.
Q: Can you explain about his appearance?
H: We wanted him to have the appearance of a gentleman who’ve just turned 30.
And we thought we must keep Barrol’s identity, [liquor bottle].

We thought, “Why don’t we let him have a Black Cobra concept but funny and cheerful?” but then we
preferred the Barrol who’s a hyper soldier that becomes very serious when he attacks so we designed a
dandy face and animations for him.
We requested the voice actor to act like a mischievous man.

Q: Although Barrol calls himself the inventor of ‘Bloody Overdrive’, why isn’t he wielding dual guns?
H: Because he’s not the Barrol in his golden days. MSG Barrol worries that no one would survive if he
wields dual guns so he uses a single pistol. Well, he seems to be very considerate.

Q: Can you tell us about his profile?

[Character Introduction]
- MSG Barrol is a [pistol] wielder.
- He wears a [coat] and has a comparatively high [AGI], [HP], and [DEX] so he will fight well in mid-
ranged battles.

[Job Skill]
MSG Barrol’s job skill, <Drunken> shares the effects of Barrol’s job skill [Drunken].
[Drunken] increases skill ATK by 1.5 ~ 2 times while improving ATK, Critical, and Movement Speed.
When first using the skill, its level is 10 and from level 10, each skill usage increases the level by 1.
ATK Rating increases by 1 from level 11.

However it applies a [debuff] to himself after reaching level 15.
(Drink responsibly…)

[Stance and Skill]
It’s a stance which is a combination of Bristian Army’s shooting skills for actual battles and his unique
combat style.
It has low resistance to [melee damage received] but can fairly mitigate [magic damage received].
In consideration of the features of a pistol, most of his skills cast instantly.
The stance will show its best performance in long term battles.
A basic attack strikes one single target once and its range is 12m.
Penetration is 25 and Immunity is 20 at level 25 and its defense type is [Evasion].
● [Fute Shot]
- It’s a skill that strikes a target and enemies near it to keep them in check.
- Although it has no casting and a comparatively short cooldown, the skill ATK is low so the skill can’t be
expected to deal high damage.
- Skill ATK increases by 1.5 ~ 2 times when using [Drunken].
- While MSG Barrol’s exclusive buff [Shooting Promotion] is active, it ignores extra DEF of enemy PC in
proportion to his [DEX].

● [Shooting Promotion]
- It’s an instant skill without casting time and a buff skill which applies to himself only.
- It increases [Evasion], [Critical], and [Critical damage], and once it reaches level 11, ATK Rating is
- [Shooting Promotion] lasts until the character is incapacitated (i.e. death).
- While [Shooting Promotion] is active, MSG Barrol’s normal attack deals [additional damage] in
proportion to his [AGI].

● [Bloody Overdrive Alpha]
- It’s a shooting skill which attacks enemies in a range of 10m.
- Its casting time is 1 second and once the skill is used, MSG Barrol shoots nearby enemies blindly.
- Skill ATK increases by 1.5 ~ 2 times when using [Drunken].
- While [Shooting Promotion] is active, it ignores extra DEF of enemy PC in proportion to his [DEX].

● [Fanning]
- It’s an offensive skill that wildly shoots one single target.
- Its shooting range is [5m], which is short compared to the other skills.
- Skill ATK increases by 1.5 ~ 2 times when using [Drunken].
- It ignores enemy’s Block.
- While [Shooting Promotion] is active, it ignores extra DEF of enemy PC in proportion to his [DEX].

● [Tutte]
- The final skill, [Tutte] is a special [charging skill].
- It’s a round ranged skill that aims at a targeted enemy. It deals damage to a maximum of 8 enemies.
- The max range is 14m and a successful skill attack has a 35% chance of inflicting [Stun]. [Stun] ignores
[AStat RES].

[Developer’s Comments]

- [MSG Barrol]’s position is a [damage dealer].
- While [Shooting Promotion] is not active, damage dealt by [MSG Barrol] would be very low.
- His ability to survive against enemies that use melee attacks will improve as long as you’ve secured his
[Evasion] stat.
- [MSG Barrol] would be strong in battles with a few enemies.
- The [Fanning] skill is very powerful that it has a comparatively long cooldown and short range and that
can be quite risky.
- Be advised that MSG Barrol requires a different stat depending on his position (i.e. how you use him
in combat).

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